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last data update : 2015-03-23

Club Information

The Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club was formed in 1967 and currently has 130 members. We have active members ranging from Wyoming to New Mexico, but most members live along the Front Range in Colorado, particularly in the Denver Metro Area.

Monthly meetings are held at 7:30pm the second Tuesday of each month at Piccolo's restaurant, 3563 South Monaco Parkway in Denver. The exceptions are March when we meet for our President's Dinner, July when we meet at a member's house and December when we hold our annual Christmas party.

Visit our website for a comprehensive event calendar, details on the club, photos from club events, classified ads, links to other websites and much more!



See our website for our event schedule and details on upcoming events



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- Upcoming Club Events -
Date &
St Club, Event
& Location
Contact or Event Chair
June 26, 2015
June 28, 2015

CO Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
Peak Nine-2 Concours d'Elegance
Beaver Run Resort
Cyndi Mumm 6421 Lakepoint Pl.
Parker, CO
  Registration on June 26 at Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. Concours on June 27 and awards ceremony on Sunday, June 28. Enjoy a fun mini-vacation in the heart of the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Dinning and fun activities throughout the weekend.

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- Club Image Gallery-
August 28, 2013
Kevin McNearny
RMJC July 2013
Youngest copilot in the oldest car

August 28, 2013
Kevin McNearny

December 27, 2006
Mark Baker

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- Sanctioned Event Results -
Date Type Event Name
July 20, 2014 Slalom 2014 Front Range Slalom
June 21, 2014 Concours Cats at Cussler Concours d'Elegance
August 25, 2013 Slalom Front Range Slalom #2
July 21, 2013 Slalom Front Range Slalom #1
June 29, 2013 Concours Peak 9 Concours d' Elegance
August 12, 2012 Slalom Front Range Slalom #2
July 14, 2012 Slalom Front Range Slalom #1
June 30, 2012 Concours Top O' the Rockies Concours d' Elegance
August 28, 2011 Slalom Watkins Slalom #2
July 31, 2011 Slalom Watkins Slalom #1
July 16, 2011 Concours Palmer Divide Concours d'Elegance
September 12, 2010 Slalom Watkins Slalom Event #2
August 8, 2010 Slalom Watkins August Slalom
June 19, 2010 Concours Central City Concours d'Elegance
June 27, 2009 Concours Horsetooth Rock
August 2, 2008 Concours Grand Junction Concours
August 1, 2008 Concours Western States Concours
July 30, 2008 Rally 2008 Western States Rallye
July 29, 2008 Slalom Western States Slalom
June 23, 2007 Concours The Zephyr Run
June 24, 2006 Concours Croquet Amongst The Cats
June 25, 2005 Concours REDRUM Concours
June 18, 2004 Concours Antlers Concours
June 21, 2003 Concours Castle Rock Concours
June 20, 2003 Slalom Mighty Roar Slalom
June 22, 2002 Concours The Pikes Peak Concours D'Elegance
June 24, 2001 Concours RMJC 2001 Concours
December 31, 1969 Rally

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July 16, 2011, Palmer Divide Concours d'Elegance

Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
   C03 Jack & Alice BralySW07-404091955 XK 140 OTS White 99.99 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C06 Craig MilesSW07-359491971 Series 2 E-Type OTS BRG 99.89 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C06 Mike & Deborah RamirezSW07-404021969 Series 2 E Type OTS Blue 99.87 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C10 Dennis & Judy OrrSW07-302051973 XJ6 Saloon, White 96.54 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C15B Al & Lane ThautSW64-339031995 XJS Conv, Gold 99.97 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   C16A Lauren & Paula PrattSW07-251891999 XK8 Convertible Red 99.95 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C16A Frank & Claudia HummelSW07-481181997 XK8 Conv, BRG 99.85 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C16A Howard & Cyndi MummSW07-435242000 XK8 Coupe Anthracite 99.78 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C16A Gene & Susan CookenbooSW07-171692006 XK8 Conv, Black 99.46 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C17 Rick & Michele DewildeSW07-435322007 S Type Sedan Gold 99.55 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C18 Keith WintonSW64-480382000, X-Type, Sport Coupe, Titanium 99.61 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   D01 Rob & Ali Van WestenbergSW07-293401955 XK140 OTS Black 9.976 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D01 Kevin & Carla McnearnySW07-414591956 XK140 DHC, BRG 9.903 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D02 Rob & Ali Van WestenbergSW07-293401965 Series 1 E-type Blue 9.977 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D03 Gordon & Shirley KenneySW07-212961968 Series 2 E-Type Coupe Red 9.964 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D05 Bob & Pat GrossmanSW07-27311963 Mark II Saloon Bronze 9.979 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D08B Jon & Sharon MarshallSW07-237541995 XJS Conv. Dark Green 9.975 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D09A Roy & Angela WintonSW64-458572001, XK8, Conv, Red 9.933 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   D09A Lark McdonaldSW07-502932002 XK8 Conv, Silver 9.93 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D09B Gary & Dee KerkowSW64-466302007, XK, Coupe, Black 9.91 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   D10 Don LeachSW07-447842003 XJ8 VDP Maroon 9.97 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D11 Arthur & Sharon StrickerSW07-501332006 X Type VDP 9.915 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   D11 John DeloherySW07-481122005 X Type Wagon 9.835 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP David & Larenda HersheySW64-458431995 XJS BRG 0 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   DISP Alexander RubinSW07-386531959 XK140 DHC BRG 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP David HesterSW07-499811997 XJ6 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP Stephen SlettaSW64-506181959 Mark I Sedan 0 Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado
   DISP Judy & Gary GeorgeSW07-27291959 Mark IX 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP Richard Hart1969 E Type, Red 0
   DISP Norman & Phyllis McqueenSW07-403901955 XK140 Roadster, BRG 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP Al & Elinor Vrooman JrSW07-171671988 XJS, BRG 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP Dwight & Linda EisnachSW07-481141999 XK8 Convertible, Silver 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   DISP Peter & Laurel AllenSW07-190851972 E-Type 0 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
   S03 Charles & Valerie ScottSW07-419381966 Series 1 E-Type Blue 9.986 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club

- Club Contact Information -

Mailing Address :

PO Box 2923
Denver , CO 80201-2923 , USA

General Info: Club Contact-Steve Kennedy 303-489-3955

President : Frank Sullivan
Phone: 970-460-0307
Vice President : Dwight Eisnach
Phone: 303-794-6443
Treasurer : Deanie Kennedy
Phone: H: 303-489-3944
Secretary : Steve Kennedy
Phone: H 303-489-3955
Editor : Gordon Kenney
Phone: H: 303 766-7826
Webmaster : Frank Sullivan
Phone: 970-460-0307
Concours Chair : Cyndi Mumm
Phone: 303-805-1644/303-883-4568
Membership : Deanie Kennedy
Phone: H: 303 489 3944 Fax: 303 456 5019
Chief Judge : Gary George
Phone: B: 303-477-0189 Fax: 303-477-5980
Traveler Contact : Steve Kennedy
Phone: C: 303-489-3955 Fax: 303-456-5019
Rallye Master : Bob Grossman
Phone: H 303-278-2068
AGM Delegate : SW Reg Rep Doug Dechant
AGM Delegate : Steve Kennedy