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Now accepting registration for the JSSC 2013 Capital City Classic, which will be located in downtown Columbia, SC on Friday, October 11-13. This is a great opportunity to pick up some show points, display your Jag, and mingle with other Jaguar enthusiasts in the Southeast region!

Flyer and registration forms are available on the JCNA calendar.
If you are on Facebook, you may also visit to download the flyer and registration form.

We will have the Jaguar SocietySC website updated soon with a new look and upcoming concours information.

We keep monthly gatherings on the schedule for our state's 3 regions.



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  • Southeast Region opens its 2002 Season in Charleston SC

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    - Club Image Gallery-
    October 21, 2014
    Jorge E Jimenez

    150 delivered
    '58 XK150 ots at HHI

    November 9, 2004
    Dave Maupin
    1976 XJ 5.3C
    Two-door pillarless coupe based on the short wheelbase Series Two XJ6.
    V12 engine, 5.3 litres, 285 bhp. Top speed 147 mph. 0-60 time 7.6 secs.

    The Series Two models were introduced at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show alongside another variant on the XJ theme, a two-door coupe. This model which carried the suffix C (for Coupe), was especially significant in that it represented Sir William Lyon’s last project before his retirement from active design in 1972.

    The XJC used the short wheelbase floorpan with larger front doors and a slightly different roofline, but was otherwise substantially the same as the four-door saloons. However, there were considerable problems with sealing and raising and lowering the small rear windows, so the coupes did not go into production until early in 1975. Lyons had insisted that the front and rear windows meet in a pillarless construction, which was very elegant, put here to view complete text

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    - Sanctioned Event Results -
    Date Type Event Name
    October 13, 2013 Slalom Capitol City Classic
    October 12, 2013 Concours Capitol City Classic
    November 4, 2012 Slalom Capitol City Classic
    November 3, 2012 Concours Capitol City Classic
    May 1, 2011 Slalom Lowcountry Classic Slalom
    April 30, 2011 Concours Lowcountry Classic Concours d'Elegance
    November 18, 2006 Concours Lowcountry Classic
    October 29, 2005 Concours Lowcountry Classic Concours de"Elegance
    May 2, 2004 Rally Rally
    May 1, 2004 Concours Lowcountry Classic Jaguart Concours
    May 31, 2003 Concours Capital Classic
    May 11, 2002 Concours Lowcountry Classic
    April 7, 2001 Concours Concours

    Click on a date to view all the results for that event.

    May 11, 2002, Lowcountry Classic

    Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
       C01B 1Mike FultonSE21-330521938 SS1 Saloon 99.02 Carolina Jaguar Club
       C04 1Ronald GaertnerSE12-368961960 XK150 DHC 99.96 Jaguar Club of Virginia
       C05 1Randy & Connie SmedleySE34-354971967 E-type SI OTS 99.99 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       C07 1Glenn HensonNC29-221491971 E-type SIII 2+2 99.95 Jaguar Association of Central Ohio
       C09 1Dick GeogheganSE21-237161962 MKII 99.78 Carolina Jaguar Club
       C13 1Bill & Margaret BinghamSE21-278981994 XJ6 99.94 Carolina Jaguar Club
       C13 2Barry GrahamSE34-366631996 XJ6 97.74 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       C14 1Mimi MortonSE21-225621995 XJSA Convertible 99.46 Carolina Jaguar Club
       C14 2Ron KuligowskiSE21-318271991 XJS Coupe 99.45 Carolina Jaguar Club
       C14 3James ReavesSE34-267421993 XJS Roadster 98.85 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       C16 1Pascal GademerSE10-315091972 XKE SIII Coupe, Silver 97.56 South Florida Jaguar Club
       D01 1Gerald & Naoma EllisonSE21-350141956 XK140 OTS BRG 9.969 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D01 2Pat F. & Suzanne McgarityNC19-203271954 XK120M OTS Red 9.93 Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan
       D01 3Harry CramerSE34-254561952 XK120 OTS BRG 9.886 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D01 4Robert (bob) & Jackie LaneSE34-254531956 XK140 DHC White 9.765 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D01 5Dick DeibelSE34-254671957 XK140 Coupe BRG 9.565 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D02 1William CooperSE21-312781967 E-type SI Primrose 9.887 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D03 1Alex & Ginny WarrenSE34-343431969 E-Type S2 OTS White 9.81 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D03 2David Elliot1969 E-Type S2 OTS BRG 9.68
       D04 1Don & Ann CoggiolaSE34-366641973 E-Type S3 Sable 9.878 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D06 1Mark & Barbara LovelloSE21-258001987 XJ6 S3 Tungsten 9.961 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D06 2Ed & Geri BeechSE34-324791987 XJ6 S3 VDP Gold 9.935 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D06 3Ben & Natalie BaileySE56-310231981 XJ6 S3 Brown 9.895 Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club
       D07 1Sharon OwensSE34-358251998 XJ8 Red 9.992 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D08 1Bill FlomerfeltSE21-283831989 XJS 9.983 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D08 2David M KuczkirSE34-354991995 XJS Convertible Red 9.976 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D08 3Stewart S & Alice A KingNE08-306071996 XJS OTS Red 9.963 Jaguar Club of Southern New England
       D08 4Jane OgleSE56-359261992 XJS V12 Silver 9.963 Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club
       D08 5Cathryn CarstensSE21-308451996 XJS Red 9.944 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D08 6Rolf ZenkerSE34-319751988 XJS-C White 9.933 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D08 7Harry CramerSE34-254561995 XJS OTS Green 9.883 Jaguar Society of South Carolina
       D08 8Ralph & Sue WillmottSE21-294621991 XJS Convertible Red 9.829 Carolina Jaguar Club
       D08 9Sonya StewartSE34-320561989 XJS Coupe Topaz 9.607 Jaguar Society of South Carolina

    - Club Contact Information -

    Mailing Address :

    232 Lancer Drive
    Columbia , SC 29212 , USA

    General Info: contact appropriate officers

    President : Michael Grosso
    Phone: H: (843) 899-5890
    Vice President : Dick Deibel
    Phone: (843) 886-5880
    Vice President : George Camp
    Phone: (803) 760-9460
    Treasurer : Jim Reaves
    Phone: H: 843 556 4434 B: 843 974 5712 Fax: 843
    Secretary :
    Editor :
    Webmaster : J. Paul Richardson
    Concours Chair : Nicole Smart
    Phone: (803) 645-5325
    Membership : Robert Thuss
    Phone: 803-640-1000
    Chief Judge : George Camp
    Phone: (803) 760-9460
    Traveler Contact : Pick Closest listed member
    AGM Delegate :
    AGM Delegate :