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Serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. Monthly events, including concours, touring, rallye, slalom, Holiday Party, and other social gatherings.
S.W. Region
Club #04
Formed 1955
Newsletter: Jaguar Tales, monthly.





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  • 2004 JCNA AGM Information

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    - Club Image Gallery-
    October 17, 2013
    Donald Becker
    Proteus C Type
    Proteus C Type at Buttonwillow
    Ayedoc Don

    June 9, 2011
    William Rooklidge
    1952 XK120 OTS
    Tuppy on the Track at Buttonwillow
    Completed in December 2010, Tuppy competes in Class S02 in JCNA concours and in Vintage Auto Racing Association events throughout Southern California during the 2011 season.
    Bill Rooklidge, Laguna Beach, CA

    October 31, 2010
    Frank Tillman
    1968 E - Type FHC
    Frank Tillman 1968 E - Type FHC
    This auto was purchased from the first owner in May, 1969. This virtually one owner auto has matching numbers and has driven five generations of family members.

    November 27, 2008
    Ken Smith
    1967 E-Type Series I 4.2
    We have been very fortunate this year to have our chief judge, Dick Cavicke and other SW judges assist us in finding details to be corrected. Tom Krefetz at Classic Showcase has been most helpful in making the most minute corrections. The result is that the car has moved from 99.6 at the beginning of the year to 100.0 points and Best of Show at our last event. Along the way we have met many wonderful people and had some great times. Many thanks to all!

    Ken & Ann Smith

    August 17, 2006
    James Brinkley
    1995 XJS 6L V12
    1995 Jaguar XJS 6.0L V12 Convertible
    1974 Jensen Healey #18149

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    - Sanctioned Event Results -
    Date Type Event Name
    May 18, 2014 Concours JOCLA Annual Concours
    May 19, 2013 Concours JOCLA Concours
    May 20, 2012 Concours Jaguar Owners Club, Annual Concours
    April 14, 2012 Concours SOUTHWEST REGIONAL CONCOURS
    May 15, 2011 Concours JOCLA Concours
    September 12, 2010 Concours JOCLA Concours
    April 29, 2010 Slalom Western States 2010 Slalom
    April 27, 2010 Concours Western States 2010 Concours
    September 13, 2009 Concours Concours d'Elaegance
    September 14, 2008 Concours Annual Concours d'Elegance
    September 9, 2007 Concours Botanic Garden
    October 8, 2006 Concours Jaguar Owners Club Annual Concours d'Ele
    October 9, 2005 Concours Southwest Regional Concours
    May 15, 2005 Concours Jaguar Owners Club Annual Concours d'Ele
    October 17, 2004 Concours Southwest Regional Concours
    September 26, 2004 Slalom Jaguar Owners Club Slalom 1
    May 16, 2004 Concours Muckenthaler Annual Conocurs
    February 14, 2004 Rally When the Jaguars come back to Capistrano
    October 5, 2003 Concours Southwest Regional Concours
    September 28, 2003 Slalom JOC Slalom II
    July 19, 2003 Rally The Malibu Rally
    May 24, 2003 Slalom JOC Slalom One
    May 18, 2003 Concours Jaguar Owners Club Annual Concours
    February 15, 2003 Rally when the jaguars return to capistrano
    September 22, 2002 Slalom LA Jaguar Owner's Club 2002 Slalom 2
    August 3, 2002 Rally Malibu to Hollywood Rally
    June 2, 2002 Slalom LA Jaguar Owner's Club 2002 Slalom 1
    May 19, 2002 Concours JOC LA Annual Concours
    February 16, 2002 Rally When the Jaguars return to Capistrano
    May 10, 2001 Concours Concours
    December 31, 1969 Concours
    December 31, 1969 Concours

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    September 9, 2007, Botanic Garden

    Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
       C01B Carolyn & Charlie ManchesterSW46-111421947 MARK IV SALOON CREAM/RED 99.9 Reno Jaguar Club
       C02 William & Kathryn RooklidgeSW04-333561951 XK120 OTS BRG 99.97 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C02 Dick & Ginny CavickeSW03-98111953, XK120SE, FHC, Black 99.88 San Diego Jaguar Club
       C02 Creighton & Susan TurnerSW04-27630�50 Black Xk120 SE OTS 99.67 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C03 Michael & Bo SnowSW04-329881955 XK 140 DHC Red 99.76 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C04 Steve & Cindi KirbySW04-435071959, XK150, OTS, Red 99.93 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C06 R Frank TillmanSW04-54041968 E-Type SII Cpe Beige 99.59 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C06 John MutlowSW04-422641968 E-type S1.5 Rdstr White 98.98 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C07 Ralph & Lynette SewellSW04-199861974 Series III E-Type OTS Red 99.73 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C08 Mike & Jennifer ZavosSW60-431521967 420G Saloon Beige 97.54 Inland Empire Jaguar Club
       C09 Robert BaumhefnerSW04-33771960 Mk 2 Saloon Black 99.1 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C10 Mike & Jennifer ZavosSW60-431521972, XJ6, SI Saloon, Regency Red 99.76 Inland Empire Jaguar Club
       C12 Avelardo RodriguezSW04-204731987 Silver Birch S III XJ6 VDP Saloon 99.95 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C12 Brett WrightSW04-438471986 XJ6 SIII Saloon Blue 99.83 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C14 Brian EllisSW03-393541999 XJR VDP Alpine (Green) 99.83 San Diego Jaguar Club
       C15A Mark & Christine MayugaSW04-275611990 XJS Coupe (Rouge) Red 99.38 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C15A Art & Jackie GuzmanSW04-449301989, XJS, Conv., White 97.84 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C15B James NearySW04-424551996 XJS Conv New Gold 99.9 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       C15B Victor ChangSW03-431581995, XJS, Conv. New Rose Bronze 99.89 San Diego Jaguar Club
       C16A Stick & Karen HolmesSW03-182852001, XK8, Conv. Titanium 99.87 San Diego Jaguar Club
       C16A Dorian PaulSW60-423831997, XK8, Conv., White 99.64 Inland Empire Jaguar Club
       C16B Lawrence S & Judy GravenSW04-41762007 XK Cpe New Silver 99.87 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D01 George K & Sue H WilliamsSW04-264111961, XK150 DHC Indigo Blue 9.979 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D01 Benoit Gateau-cuminSW04-435011959 XK 150 FHC White 9.975 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D01 William & Kathryn RooklidgeSW04-333561953 XK 120 FHC Dark Blue 9.853 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D01 C Joel ShapiroSW04-153051954 XK 120 FHC White 9.717 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D02 Ron & Donna AverySW04-395211965 E-Type SI FHC Red 9.997 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D02 Charles Hallums JrSW04-126951967 E-type SI Rdstr BRG 9.993 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D02 Betty BarrusSW04-147821967 E-Type SI FHC Silver Blue 9.964 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D03 Tom & Terri EvansSW04-415811969 E-Type SII OTS BRG 9.967 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D06 Mel & Laura FriedmanSW04-139651987 XJ6 SIII Saloon Crimson 9.995 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D06 Patti & Tim TunnellSW04-65341981 XJ6 SIII Saloon Silver 9.992 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D06 Brian Dawson & Jeffrey BurnamSW04-417661971 XJ6 SI Saloon Blue 9.992 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D06 Paul & Debby NovakSW03-377781984, XJ6 SIII Sedan, Antelope 9.986 San Diego Jaguar Club
       D06 C Joel ShapiroSW04-153051976 SII XJ12C White 9.951 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D07 Daniel & Arlene ArsenaultSW04-384541994 XJ12 Morocco Red Saloon 9.961 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D07 Patsy MillardSW03-286711996 XJ6 Sedan (X300) Ice Blue 9.949 San Diego Jaguar Club
       D07 Genhel ContiSW04-426811995 XJ6 (X300) White 9.91 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D08A Michael & Linda SmithSW03-414251990, XJS Conv, Black 9.968 San Diego Jaguar Club
       D08B Jocelyn KelleySW04-442881993, XJS, Conv, New Oyster 9.98 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D09A William ShieldsSW04-452492003 XKR Cpe BRG 9.996 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       D09A Ronald & Nancy StockSW04-455112004 XKR Conv Cream/Red 9.973 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
       S03 Richard & Sydney DarnellSW04-18241968, E-type SII OTS Dark Blue 9.988 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.

    - Club Contact Information -

    Mailing Address :

    7 Santa Rida

    Irvine , CA 92606 , USA

    General Info: 949-733-1097

    President : Mark Mayuga
    Phone: 909-772-1075
    Vice President : Gerry Willburn (2nd VP Membership)
    Phone: 714-828-3127
    Vice President : Steve Kirby (1st VP Activities)
    Phone: 949-261-8208
    Treasurer : Jim Friel
    Phone: 909-597-6669
    Secretary : Judy Graven
    Phone: 323-257-9993
    Editor : Kevin Easton
    Phone: 818-419-6697
    Webmaster :
    Concours Chair : Frank Gauer
    Phone: 714-838-8488
    Membership : Gerry Willburn
    Phone: 714-828-3127
    Chief Judge : Charlie Hallums
    Phone: 949-733-1097
    Traveler Contact :
    Touring : Creighton Turner
    Phone: 626-799-9087
    Corporate Relations : Judy Graven
    Phone: 323-257-9992
    AGM Delegate : Steve Kirby
    AGM Delegate :