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This document provides important and useful information on the various services the JCNA website provides to JCNA Affiliates. Please take a moment to review this guide which will be useful for your club.

Since early 2002, the JCNA website has been maintained and expanded by volunteers whose goal has been to provide better services to JCNA Members, Club officers and visitors. As volunteers, we understand your time is limited and one of our goals is to reduce the amount of time you spend on club administration tasks while helping your club to expand.

Most of these new services and features have been designed to be used "self serve" by club officers with no intervention from the webmaster. Of course, if you encounter a problem or if you are not sure about how to do something, don't hesitate to ask ! There is no such thing as a silly question, only silly mistakes made because someone didn't ask! Help is only an email away (

This help page / user guide has been provided to help you getting the most out of the JCNA website. Many of the services are optional and if you prefer you can keep doing things the "old fashioned way" by submitting paper forms and only showing limited information on club page. On the other hand, you can save time by using the online calendar to request sanctions or by submitting your competition results one line.


Compatibility requirements : the JCNA website should work with any recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape. Older versions will usually work but there are a few known issues with Netscape 4.x which is now completely outdated, please upgrade to the latest version.

The site has been optimized for fast loading and we avoid fancy but often slow Flash animations and Java applets. Some pages use Javascript when needed so Javascript should not have been disabled in your browser.


Club Login and Password

Login :

Club Data and various club features are password protected; there is one login per club. All services are accessed from one login page :

Type in your club ID (ne26, se11, nc26, etc...) and your club password (no caps), then click on the [Login] button. If successful you will be taken to your Club Services Menu page.

Retrieving your password :

If you are a club officer and do not have your club login info, it can be emailed to you automatically. Go to the club login page, type in your club ID ( ne26, se10, sw01, etc...) and your email address. Click on the [Retrieve] button.

If your email address is among those already listed in the club database, the password will be emailed to you immediately. If you are not listed on your club page, please check with your club as we can not email passwords to affiliate club officers not already listed.

Changing your club password :

Request for password changes should be emailed by one of the club officers to Once the password is changed, existing officers will need to retrieve it from the login page. If you are changing the password to prevent a past club officer to change any data, make sure this email address is removed from the club data page to prevent him from retrieving the new login...

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Club Service Menu

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Club Service Menu, the page from which you can access all of the online club services. New features will be added to this page along with help pages. After you login, your session will remain active until you logout or close your browser. If you will leave your computer unattended, please make sure that you logout or close all open browser windows.

Select one of the links to access our various services.

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New Affiliate Club Websites

Simply put, there is just no excuse left for your club not to have a professional looking website. The new club home pages introduced in may 2005 bring all the essential information visitors and members expect to find including annoucement, upcoming events, newsletter, and more. All the information is pulled from the JCNA database resulting in always up to date pages.

Best of all, you don't need any special skills or software... all updates are done thru simple online forms.

If your club has it's own website, you can still use some of the features we offer, . combining both will give you maximum flexibility, but if you find it difficult to keep you site up to date, consider at least using the new homepage.

Step 1 : Ativate your club site. Login and go to the club data update page. Type M as Display Type in the first section of the page, then click on update at the bottom. You do not need to do anything else, you club site will be displayed using the JCNA website default colors. However, if you want to personalize you club site, it's easy!

Step 2 : Customizing your site graphics (optional). From your club main menu, click on the link to the Club Site Graphics. Your club configuration will be displayed for you to edit. You can change the page background, text color, as well as the colors of the various cell backgroun used throughout the site.

Update as needed by choosing various colors, setting up headers and footers, etc... When you done, click on the Submit button to save the changes, new setting will be visible once the page reloads.

Step 3 : Adding content. The most important and visible part of the sites are the annoucement, main text and event information.

The announcement is shown in the top right portion of your home page and should be kept short (a few lines).

The main text can be significantly longer and is shown in the main body of your home page. It shoudl include a presentation of your club, recent news, etc...

Both are updated from the Club Data page (same page where you update club officers, etc...)

Upcoming event information is shown in the right side of the page, under the annoucement and data is pulled from the main JCNA Calendar. If you have been posting upcoming event in the calendar, chances are you have nothing to do, however if like many clubs you've only used the online calendar to show sanctioned events, you are going to need to add you non sanctioned events as well.

It's easy, just click on the Post New Event to calendar link on your main club menu and fill out the online form. Events will automatically be listed on your home page, on the JCNA calendar, on your club calendar page and on the JCNA home page... all in one shot!

That's it ! you're done... while it doesn't fully use all the capabilites we offer, your club now has a useful website...

Optional Features

Custom text at the top of each page: (contact, calendar, officers, etc...). This is useful as an introduction to the pages, or to refer visitors to additional pages on your own website. For instance, if you already have a past event section on your own site, you can put in text and a link on the Feature page to encourage visitors to visit that page. Or you can add general information about events, contacts, etc... Set your text from the Club Site Content page, can include basic HTML code for special effect, links or even images...

Home Page Picture: from the Club Site Content page, click on Upload New image to open the image uploader window. Select a file from you computer by clicking on the Browse button; note that the image must be a JPG or GIF file and should not exceed 100k. Note that your images are not resized when they are shown so you must resize them before uploading. Usually, 200 to 300 pixels wide will be best as it will leave enough space for text to flow around it but you can experiment depending on the effect you want to achieve.

After you select the file on your computer, a preview will be shown (Internet Explorer only, Netscape doesn't support this). Click on Upload Image button to send the file to the JCNA server. Be patient, uploading can take a minute or so, a progress bar should be visible at the bottom of your browser.

When upload is complete, a confirmation message will be shown. Click on the Close Window link to return to the Main Customization page and refresh that page by clicking on Submit button. Do not hit refresh in your browser as you would loose any changes made to your data. The page will reload with your new image shown as a thumbnail. Add an optional caption

Club site Image Library : you can now upload a vitually unlimited number of pictures or graphics to the JCNA website and use these images on your website. Example of use include :

  • Custom graphics, logos or header bar at the top of your pages. If you want to set up a custom header on your pages, this is where you would upload your logos, etc...
  • Small images you may want to embed in the introduction on each page (in the text you set in the club site content page)

The image library is accessed from the Club Site Content page, near the bottom. Click on browse button to select a file on your computer, type in an option caption and click on upload button. Image will be uploaded to the JCNA server and its thumbnail will be shown in the club Image Library section once the page refresh (scroll down).

You can add as many images, logos, etc... as you wish. The full link is shown in the list so that you can copy and paste it in any html tag you may use on your site. A delete Picture link is provided if needed.


Notes and Tips:

  • Be careful when using background images, make sure that they are very light otherwise your pages will be hard to read.

  • Keep your top header image as narrow as possible to maximize screen space usage. Dont' forget many visitors have their screen size set a 800x600 so if your header is 400 pixels high, there' isn't much space left for content without scrolling...

  • If you do not have a special title graphic as shown above, you can just use text and place your club logo on the side (see screenshot to the right)... or without a logo altogether...

  • Using HTML in the various data field: you can add HTML tags in the various data field to add special features such as colors, styles, or even links. An HTML tag is a set of command inserted in the text between arrows that gives instructions to the browser. They always come in pairs, with the affected text in between.

    Ex: <b>you can join online</b>, the Bold tag will make this text appear bold. note the / in the second tag to instruct the browser that the text following should no longer be bold.

    Common tags:
    • <b>bold <b>
    • <i>italic</i>
    • <font color="#CC0033">red text</font> (see color codes samples)
    • <a href=">click here for details<a/> to include a link to a page on your own website

If you have any question or are not sure about how to format your page, please email for assistance.


Shortcut Address:

If you want to use your JCNA hosted pages as your club main site, you probably don't want to deal with the long address like

Instead, we can setup a shortcut like or which you can use in promotional material.

much easier to remember... please email to get this setup.

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Adding articles to your website using the Content Manager:

Until now, adding articles and stories to your club site always meant having to rely on someone to take care of it... You can now upload content to your club site without having to wait or learn any new program.

Prepare your article: Most people use MS Word or any word processor, and that's fine. When you are ready to upload your article, save it to a Plain Text file which will remove all formatting, like colors, graphics, etc... Use the File - Save As command the select Text or Plain Text under File Type. Your file will automatically be renamed ending in .txt No other format will be accepted by the uploader.

Important note about MS Word : MS Word uses non standard/plain text compatible single and double quotation ( curly ’ and ” instead of ' and ") which may cause display issues after you upload your file. Try using Wordpad or Notepad to write your articles instead of Word.

Prepare your optional Thumbnail: On your club feature page, articles are listed and optional thumbnail image will appear when the visitor's mouse cursor passes over the article title. You can upoad an uptional thubmnail at the same time than you upload your article. Your thumbnail must be 225x168 pixel, use your favorite image software to reduce its size. If you don't have a program, you can download IrfanView, a free program available at which will allow you to do most of the image editing your need. Your thumbnail must be saved as JPG file.

Prepare your optional Images: you can now upload as many images as you wish with each article. Pictures are displayed near the top of the article in a slideshow. Your pictures shouldn't be more than 400 to 600 pixels wide to leave enough room for the text to flow around them. See above for tips on resizing images.

Link to Gallery (or external image page): you can display additional pictures by providing a link to an image gallery page or to an external page related to your story. After you add images to a gallery, go to that image series and copy the link. it will be formatted as follow : . To copy the link, highlight it in the address field in your browser and press CTRL - INS. Then click in the content manager Gallery field, and press SHIFT - INS to paste the address

Make sure you get the link by opening the gallery from your own site so that your site formatting appears. You can also use a link to page located on an external website.

Upload : login and select Content Manager from your club main menu. The Content Manager allows you to review and edit articles already uploaded or add new articles.

Click on Upload an Article link, a new window will open where you will be prompted to select your article text file and your thumbnail image. Click on the Upload Files button and wait for the upload process to complete. In most browsers, progress will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of your window. Once completed, a confirmation page will appear so that you can review the text and image you just uploaded. You will also be prompted to type in the title and author.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit button. A confirmation message will be displayed, click on the Close Window link to return to the Content Manager. Your article should have been automatically added to your website and will be available on the Feature page as well as the home page.

Add your Pictures : find your article in your content list and click on Edit link. On the next page, scroll to the bottom to access your article image gallery setup. Click on the browse button to select a file on your computer, type in an option caption and click on upload button. Image will be uploaded to the JCNA server and its thumbnail will be shown in the club Image Library section once the page refresh (scroll down). As explained in the Content Manager overview, pictures should be sized to between 400 and 600 pixels wide.

Note that the full URL of uploaded images is shown so that you can copy and paste it in any other location you may need to use them...

Editing Content : The Content Manager allows you to edit the title and author as well as changing your story's thumbnail, pictures and gallery link. To edit an item, click on its edit link, update as needed and click on Update button.





Club Data Update

Club Data presented on the JCNA website is updated by the clubs who are responsible for keeping it up to date and accurate. Access to the edit page is password protected using the club login info. It is important that you keep the data up to date since it is being used to compile the official JCNA directory.

The Club Data page has been enhanced to present more and more information on each club, all from a single location. These pages are a mini home page for clubs without their own website. The data is dynamic and pulled from the club database whenever a club page is requested and also includes live calendar and sanctioned event result information.

Updating Data :

Click on the Update Club Data link from the Club Service Menu to open the edit page. Most fields on the page are self explanatory or include notes.

General rules :

Blank Fields : When you do not wish information to appear or if you do not wish to use certain features, leave those fields blank, do not enter comments as "N/A", "see below", etc... Blank fields will not be displayed but comments will be and, in some cases, out of context. For instance, if you leave an image field empty, nothing will be displayed but if you type something like "none", the server will assume that this is a file name and will display a bad image link instead.

Email Addresses : Make sure you enter valid email addresses, do not try to enter two addresses in the same fields even if it fits! These fields are used to email club officers and having two addresses in one field will cause the message to bounce.

Preset positions : Always use the preset positions for President, VP, Secretary, Webmaster, Editor, etc... Use the customizable positions only for those your club may have which are not included. This will insure that the basic officer positions are properly exported to the JCNA directory.

One officer / multiple positions : list the name, phone, email and address for each position; do not put "see above".

Privacy option : because the data is used for the official JCNA directory, you need to include phone numbers, email and mailing addresses. Mailing addresses are NOT used anywhere on the JCNA website (except on the data edit page of course). Most club officers do not mind having their phone and /or email addresses listed as contact information but we do offer a privacy option that will prevent them from being displayed to the public. To activate this, simply add a * as the first character of an email or phone number field.

Dual President / Vice President :

Some clubs have Co Presidents or two VPs. If this is not your case, just leave the name of the second president or VP empty.

Logo :

Your club page may include your club logo which will be displayed in the top right corner. If you leave this blank, no logo will be displayed, do NOT enter n/a, none, etc... If you already have your club logo on a website, you can type in or paste the exact link to the file, including http://www. Make sure you enter the URL of the image file, not your homepage; file must be in JPG or GIF format and not larger than 200 pixel wide.

If you do not have your logo on the web, you can upload the file to the JCNA server by clicking on the Upload Logo button. This will open a new window in which you can choose the file on your hard disk by clicking on the Browse button. Then, click on Preview to make sure you have selected the right file and click on Use It. The file will be uploaded to and its new location will be automatically filled out in the Club Data page to which you will be returned. Do not edit the field after you have used the self upload feature !

Notes and Announcement :

In order to provide more detailed information, we have split the Notes section and are offering a specific field for announcements. Notes will usually be used to describe your club, its activities, number of members, creation date, etc... Announcement can be used specifically to announce events or important timely matters.

These two fields are very important as they are the first thing visitors see when they get to your club page / site.

Newsletter :

JCNA now offers the option of displaying a thumbnail of your current newsletter ( or of a past issue sample ) along with a link to the on line version. You can either enter a link to the file on your own site or you can upload your file and a thumbnail image of its cover using our convenient Newsletter upload page. See Newsletter upload section for this feature. If you prefer to link to a file hosted on your own site, simply type in the URL of the file, the URL of the thumbnail image of the cover and any note you wish to include. Important: you must include the http:// of the URL.

Even if your club already offers its newsletter on line on your club site, we recommend that you use the upload feature. This will automatically generate an email to all club editors to advise them that your newsletter has been updated and it also allows to display your newsletter in the club spotlight on the home page.

If using the Newsletter uploader, do not edit the files URL, simply edit the note field as needed. This could include file size and type, issue date, etc...

See Newsletter Uploader for details on how to use the Newsletter uploader.

Basic Membership Application Fields :

On line membership applications customized for each club are available for visitors to join. After they fill the application and click on Submit, they are prompted to print a copy and mail it to the address supplied on the form along with a check. A copy of the application will be automatically emailed to the club membership chair so that your club can follow up on the contact.

Fill out the four basic fields which include annual dues, email address where the application should be sent (usually membership chair or treasurer), mailing address where the applicant should mail his check and any notes / special offer.

Optional Paypal Processing :

As of Feb 2011, JCNA has resinteated the use of Paypal for dues payment.

Enter a Y in the field to activate paypal payment

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Membership Applications and Optional Paypal Payment:

On line membership applications customized for each club are available for visitors to join. After they fill the application and click on Submit, they are prompted to print a copy and mail it to the address supplied on the form along with a check. A copy of the application will be automatically emailed to the club membership chair so that your club can follow up on the contact should he not send his check...

As an option, your club can now choose to allow new members to pay their dues via Paypal directly to the JCNA treasurer. This eliminates the cooling period in which an applicant may change his mind before mailing his check. This feature can now be enabled by the clubs from their datapage.

When this is activated, applicants are presented with the option to pay by Paypal and if they choose to, they will be taken to the Paypal secure website where they will process the transaction using their credit card or checking account. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a second email from JCNA Treasurer Gary Kincel to advise your club that the dues have been received and the membership can be activated. He will then mail your club a check for the amount paid, less the JCNA dues and $ 0.75 to cover part of the paypal transaction fee.

To ensure the right amount is paid, and because some clubs have different dues structures like single or family, optional grille badge or shirt, etc... applicants are given a choice of button to click on to go on to the Paypal site such as

Up to 4 different membership plans can be defined from your club data page. Once they get to the Paypal site, the amount shown in the Paypal confirmation form to pay will be the amount chosen on the JCNA page.

In addition to these, you can specify the date at which the club dues are reduced for those joining late in the year. While JCNA dues go down from $ 20 to $ 12 on June 1st, some clubs only reduce the dues in July or August, this can be set individually and the right amount will be shown depending on the date the application is filled out. In the example above, if the application is filled out after Aug. 15th, the buttons will look like this with a note below :

dues are automatically reduced to the amount shown if you join late in the year after 08-15

Note for Canadian Clubs : when activating this option, type in C on your club data page to set the currency to Canadian $; transaction will be processed by Paypal in CA$. Funds will be automatically converted to US $ when paid to JCNA by Paypal.

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Newsletter Uploader :

JCNA now offers the option of displaying a thumbnail of your current newsletter along with a link to the on line version. You can either enter a link to the file on your own site or you can upload your file and an thumbnail of its cover using our convenient Newsletter upload page.

Hosting the file on :

Even if you already upload your newsletter to your own club site, you may want to upload it on as well since an email notification will automatically go out to all club editors once the file is uploaded. Your regional directors will also receive a copy of the email notification to keep them up to date on what is happening in their region.

File limits: your newsletter must be a PDF or DOC file and should not be over 5 Megs. Unless your newsletter contain a lot of high res. images, it should be much smaller than 5 Megs. If you would like to use an cover thumbnail, the image must be in JPG format and resized to 250 pixel wide. If your newsletter is larger than 5 Megs, please email it to but upload the thumbnail yourself.

To upload your file and thumbnail, login to your club service page and click on Newsletter Upload. This will open a new window, from which you can select the newsletter file on your computer and the optional thumbnail cover. To select the files, click on each browse button and select the files using the standard file selection dialog box.

After you select the newsletter and thumbnail files, click on Upload Files button.

Depending on your connection and file size, it can take a while for the the upload to complete. Do not interrupt it, or do not reload/refresh the page. Most browsers will show a progress bar at the bottom of the window.

After the file(s) have been uploaded, an email notification is sent to all JCNA Club editors, the page will refresh and show a confirmation message. The newsletter and thumbnail links will be set in your club data page, do not edit those manually.

Click on the supplied link to close the window and return to your club menu. Go to your club page, check the thumbnail and that the file downloads and opens correctly.

Linking to your own site :

Type in the full URL including http://www. in the Newsletter link field

Optional Thumbnail : enter the full URL ( including http://www. ) to your thumbnail which must not be larger than 250 pixel wide and in JPG format.. You can upload the file to the JCNA server by clicking on the Upload Thumbnail button. This will open a new window in which you can choose the file on your hard disk by clicking on the Browse button. Then, click on Preview to make sure you have selected the right file and click on Use It. The file will be uploaded to and its new location will be automatically filled out in the Club Data page to which you will be returned. Do not edit the field after you have used the self upload feature !

See below for instructions on converting your newsletter to a PD. file and on how to create a thumbnail.

If you leave the File field empty, the Newsletter section will not be shown on the page.

Click here for tips on creating PDF file and thumbnails

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Club Articles

The JCNA website is always open for clubs who wish to submit articles on their events and unlike the Jaguar Journal, we do not have any space limitations. This is an important features for clubs which do not have their own website because those articles are now also linked from each club page, with thumbnails, again acting as a showcase of a club's activity.

Do not hesitate to submit stories, pictures, etc... very often it is just a matter to send in what is already written for your club newsletter.

Before joining a club, many visitors like to see what that club does throughout the year and this is a great way to make them want to join !

Articles submitted by clubs are show :

  • on the club page / site
  • on the home page for a limited amount of time
  • in the archive library
  • on the Slalom, Rally, HPDE and Concours page when relevant.

This is excellent publicity for your club!

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On Line Newsletter Tip - How to create PDF files :

Adobe Acrobat PDF files are an easy way to make documents available across a number of platforms. The reader is free and easy to install but unfortunately the program needed to generate the files is rather costly.

There is an alternative to this thanks to a pair of shareware programs you can download from the Internet called Ghostscript and Ghostview. The following page contains detailed information on this or you can just download the following files :

Ghostscript 8.11 (code and script) and GSview 4.5 (interface). From both of these pages, click on the link to download the versin you need, usually win32 if you are a windows user.

Details for the technically inclined can be found at or here ...

After you install both files, you need to install the driver to any Postscript printer. You don't need to have the printer, just install the driver from your Windows 98 CD, any postscript driver will do such as the HP Paintjet XL300 postscript. To install the driver, go to your printer folder, choose add Printer and follow the wizard's instructions.

To create your PDF, open your newsletter using the program used to create it ( Publisher, etc... ) and print it using the driver for the postcript printer you just installed. Make sure you click on Print to File; when prompted, type in a file name.

Finally, start Ghostview which you should find in your Program menu and open the .prn file you just created. Choose Convert in the file menu, select pdfwrite as a device with 72 dpi resolution and after clicking on OK , choose a file name to save to. You need to add the .pdf extension manually.

Ghostview will convert your newsletter to a PDF file virtually anyone will be able to open, view or print.

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On Line Newsletter Tip - How to create a thumbnail of the cover :

Open your newsletter in Acrobat and adjust the zoom / view / size so that the entire cover can be seen in the window.

Take a screen shot by holding ALT - SHIFT and pressing the PRT SCRN key. That will create an image of the window and copy it to your clipboard.

Open your favorite image editor and paste the screen shot. Crop the cover, resize it to 250 pixels wide and save it as a jpg image. When you save to a JPG, set the compression level to about 40% to reduce the file size while keeping a good quality level. Some programs calls this Image Quality and if that is the case, set it to about 60%.

If you do not have an image editor installed on your computer, you may want to download Irfanview available as freeware from While small and easy to use, it includes features lacking in other programs. One of the best feature is the capability to resize and rename large numbers of images in batches. If you've even taken 50, 60, 100 pictures at a club event, you know how long it takes to resize them and rename them manually... IrfanView does it automatically...


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Shared Content for your website

A number of pages and services have been setup on the JCNA website to be used in affiliate club sites and appear to be on their own site with customized graphics blending in the site design. Note that if you do not have your own site but use the club site offered by JCNA this is automatically setup.

Currently, shared content includes :

Forums : linking to the JCNA forums not only gives you access to the complete message database but when the JCNA forums are called with your club parameter, your club forum will automatically be visible in the forum list.

Image Galleries : when called from your website, only entries uploaded by members of your club will be displayed. Club membership is determined by the club affiliation selected when a member registers for the forums/classifieds/gallery.

Calendar : note that when calling the calendar from your website only events from your region will be shown unless the visitor changes the display option after the page is loaded. Using the JCNA calendar on your website makes it easy to update by any club officer. You can include local events which will be visible ONLY from your website. Good for events you don't need to publicize beyond your membership like board meetings, private parties, etc...


Membership Application

You can either link to these services in a frame if your site uses frames or in a full window.

Linking to the JCNA site :

Link to the service home page adding the following parameter to the link ?Vref=RRNN where RRNN is your club ID number ( se10, ne26, etc...).

examples :

This will automatically force the pages to load with your club customized settings. If you do not customize them, the default will be the standard JCNA look. All pages called in that section will be loaded with your customization as well.

Customizing your pages :

From your club main menu, click on the link to the Forum Customization page. Your club configuration will be displayed for you to edit. You can change the page background, text color, as well as the colors of the various cell background. Note that all colors must be entered as a HEX Value ( #FFFFFF, #000000, etc... )

  • Club Home Page : will be used as a link back to your home page when visitors click on home link
  • Page background color : color you wish to to use as a background on the forum pages
  • Regular Text Color : color for all regular text on the forum pages, used in the TEXT body tag
  • Link Color : color for all links except those in colored cells, used in the LINK body tag
  • Visited Link Color : color for all links already visited, used in the VLINK body tag
  • Dark Cell Link Color : color of all link presented in the main header cells ( dark green cells in JCNA config)
  • Dark Cell Visited Link Color : color of all Visited Links presented in the main header cells ( dark green cells in JCNA config)
  • Table Lines Color : Color for all tables bordes ( dark green in JCNA Config )
  • Light Cells Background colors : color for the background of all side bars and titles ( light green in JCNA Config)
  • Light Cells Text Colors: Color of all text displayed in the lighter cells
  • Dark Cells Background colors : color for the background of all main headers ( dark green in JCNA Config)
  • Dark Cells Text Colors: Color of all text displayed in the darker cells
  • Page Header HTML : block of HTML code used to generate a header, displayed at the top of each forum page. May include logo and navigation links. Make sure you type in the full URL of all graphics incl http://www....
  • Page Footer HTML : block of HTML code used to generate a footer, displayed at the bottom of each forum page. Make sure you type in the full URL of all graphics incl http://www....
  • Back Ground image : full path to your wallpaper or background image. must include http://www....

After you update the data and click on Submit, the data will be presented again in case you need to edit it. Please use the test link provide to make sure your page displays properly.


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On line Calendar

The JCNA Calendar lets affiliate clubs add new events (Sanctioned or Not Sanctioned), request sanction, and update their own events. Events are listed in the main calendar page as well as on your club page.

For sanctioned events, your request will be automatically emailed to the Event Sanction chair. By requesting sanction with the online calendar, the date you requested will be marked as sanction pending which will help reduce potential sanction conflicts.

Using the online Calendar to request sanction saves you time and gives you maximum flexibility to add information about your event. The description field lets you enter as much information as you need and great for directions, schedules, host hotel information, and more! Having your events listed both on your club page and one the main JCNA calendar page gives your club as much exposure as possible because they will be seen by non members who might be interested in participating in an event before joining.

Whenever a new event is added to the JCNA on line calendar, an automatic email notification will be sent to other clubs in your region (to the webmaster, editor and main club email) as well as to your region's regional directors. In case of sanctioned events, the program chair will also receive a copy of the notification for their records. Note that when you mark an event as "local" you do not trigger an email notification.

Adding your event :

After clicking on the "Add an Event" link on the main Calendar page, a new page opens with a form. Please fill out all the fields following the formatting instructions shown on the form such as date and link formats. Make sure that you select an event type from the drop down list.

If your club is organizing two or more events in one week end, like a Concours and a Slalom, please make two separate entries so that each of your event shows when a visitors searches one type or the other.

Make sure that you format the date as shown on the page. Dates must be entered in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Ex: 2004-10-28 or 2004-01-25 Anything else will cause your event not to appear on the calendar.

Sanctioned Events :

For non sanctioned events, just type an N. For sanctioned events, only the Sanction Chairman or Webmaster can mark an event as Sanctioned; when adding a sanctioned event, choose P (pending).

When done, please check your data and click on Submit; your event will be added and you will be returned to the calendar listing.

Local Events :

If you do not want your event to appear on the JCNA calendar, mark it as local by placing a check mark in the Local Event box. This will make your event appear on the calendar shown on your website or club page but not on the JCNA main calendar. No email notifications are sent to regional clubs for local events.

This option is usually used only for activities where you do not need the participation of non members like board meetings or members only parties. Leave it uncheck for event where you want non members to come, including monthly meetings, shows, etc...

Editing / Deleting an Event :

You can only edit your own club event and you must have logged in before trying to edit an event.

Click on the small "edit" link under your event date and update the data shown in the form. To completely delete your listing, just click on the Delete button.

You do not need to delete events after they occur, they will automatically be dropped from the calendar 7 days after their date.

If you update any information like date, location, etc... you must notify the sanction chair. Print a Sanction Update request and send it in. Note that if you change the sanction type by error, you can not restore it to Y. Mark it as P for Pending and advise the sanction chair or webmaster

File uploads :

You can include a link to a flyer or entry form. If the file is already on the web, simply type or paste the full link in the Flyer/entry form field (must include http://). If your file is not alreaday on the web, you can upload it to the JCNA server by selecting the local file using the browse button. Your file must be in PDF, Word or JPG format and will be uploaded when you save the page.

You can also add a picture with your calendar entry, which will be shown on the right side of the page next to your event. If your image is already on the web, just type or pase the full link (including http://) in the image field. If your image is not alreaday on the web, you can upload it to the JCNA server by selecting the local file on your computer using the browse button. Your file must be in JPG or GIF format and will be uploaded when you save the page.

Note the maximum image file size is 100k. Even though images will be resized to fit in the column, please size them down to 250pixels wide and compress them before uploading to reduce load time.

Questions :

Any question regarding the sanction process should be directed to :

email :

Should you have any question regarding the online calendar itself, please email