Rally standings calculations

Started By: Pascal Gademer on 2005-12-22 08:20:36

i don't understand the logic behind the current rally standing calculations...

Currently, points are added and the total is used to determine the rankings so a team who'd run 4 rallies finishing 4th each time would end up first in the standings (20 pts) ahead of a team woudl have done 2 rallies and place 1st and 2nd (18pts).

This is giving a huge advantage to those in regions or clubs where rallying is popular and eliminating members in isolated clubs. I'm trying to understand the fairness of this method....

I don't understand why scores are not calculated using an average... ex the average points of a team's best 2 rallies.

I'm not sure if dangling the prospect of a north american award woudl encourage clubs to run more rallies and increase participation but at least it would be fair compared to the current system.

It's like if we added concours scores instead of averaging the best 3! imagine the results...

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