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Official Results

May 3, 2003 JCNA JCNA Slalom Challenge Championship Slalom
Class Pl. Name M/F JCNA # B.Time Car / Mods Entrant's Club
   C 1 Tom Krefetz M SW03-16932 999.990 1965, 3.8S, Saloon, Blue

San Diego Jaguar Club
   D 1 Bob Martin M SC20-36525 47.620 1970, E-type, OTS, Green

Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   D 2 Michael Silverman M SW02-32798 49.280 1968, E-type Series 1.5, OTS, Primrose

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   D 3 John Boyle M SW03-32276 54.840 1961, E-TYPE, OTS

San Diego Jaguar Club
   D 4 Wayne Judd M SW01-38497 61.110 1969,E type,2+2

Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona
   D 5 Lou Lepis M SW03-31137 999.990 1964, E type, FHC, Silver blue

San Diego Jaguar Club
   E 1 Rick Martin M NW32-4022 48.500 1971 XKE 2+2

Jaguar Owner's Club of Oregon
   E 2 Jennifer Orum M NW42-39416 56.460 1971, E TYPE, 2+2, BLUE

Canadian XK Jaguar Register
   F 1 Franchon Osilesi F SW04-37782 69.780 1995, XJ6, SEDAN, GREEN

Jaguar Owners Club of LA
   G 1 Ken Mabarak M SW02-39008 51.960 1999, XJ8, SEDAN, MAROON

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   H 1 Gary Hagopian M NE18-3614 40.950 1962 XKE FHC Silver

Jaguar Association of New England
   H 2 Richard Maury M XX98-4892 43.750 1983 XJS

Member At Large
   H 3 Pascal Gademer M SE10-31509 45.600 1972 E-Type Silver

South Florida Jaguar Club
   H 4 Bjorn Nordemo M 47.600 1962 E-TYPE FHC SILVER

Special Event Member
   H 5 Raymond David M NE18-32092 51.730 1962 E-TYPE FHC SILVER

Jaguar Association of New England
   H 6 Michael Cook M NE26-15561 999.990 1983 XJS COUPE SILVER BLUE

Jaguar Touring Club
   J 1 Robert Warnicke M SW02-39259 48.020 1987 XJSC

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   J 2 Bill Talbow M SW02-37008 51.350 1989 XJS

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   J 2 Bill Streitenberger M SW04-3448 51.350 1988 XJS CONV H&E WHITE

Jaguar Owners Club, Inc.
   J 3 Cynthia Loveall F SC16-31972 51.430 1995 XJS

Heart of America Jaguar Club
   J 4 John Ottenstein M SW02-37008 53.030 1989 XJS COUPE

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   J 5 Selwyn Beaumont M XX98-35707 55.450 1992 XJS

Member at Large
   J 6 Bernard Mesco M SW36-30835 56.130 1990 XJS

Jaguar Club of Greater Las Vegas
   J 7 Jacques Bernard M NE53-34833 58.740 1989 XJS CONV BLACK

Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   K 1 Hazel A Beck F SW03-33804 60.230 1997 XK8

San Diego Jaguar Club
   L 1 Chuck Zimmerman M SW01-34663 47.510 2000 XKR

Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona
   L 2 Tim Furner M SW39-32197 47.980 2000 XJR

Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register
   N 1 Jerry Wise M SE09-19911 48.640 2003 X-TYPE RED

Jaguar Club of Florida
   SPH 1 Charlie Manchester M SW46-11142 50.580 1962 MK-II

Reno Jaguar Club
   SPH 2 A. Mantha M SW05-28196 54.990 1994 XJS

Jaguar Associate Group
   SPL 1 Jerry Mouton M SW05-33560 44.840 1964 E-TYPE FHC WHITE

Jaguar Associate Group
   SPL 2 Jp Mullan M SW01-11977-jm 47.605 1967 E-TYPE OTS

Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona
   SPL 2 Glen Enright M NW32-3995 47.605 1969 E-TYPE

Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon
   SPL 3 John Green M SW39-25002 48.560 1972 E-TYPE

Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register
   SPL 4 Mark Stephenson M SW02-18420 49.430 1952 XK120 OTS RED

Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   SPL 5 Anne Mullan F SW01-11977-am 52.380 1967 E-TYPE OTS BLACK

Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona

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Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

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