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As of the 2005 concours season, judges reports are now submitted online; click here to view the Judges Report for this Concours.or click on a class number to view judging team information for that class.

Official Results

June 21, 2003 NE48 Ottawa Jaguar Club Concours OJC Concours

Class Pl Name JCNA # Score Car Entrant's Club
   C02 1 Phil & Fadia Karam NE48-24099 98.630 1954 XK120 OTS Twilight Blue Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C05 1 John Scopis NC43-23200 97.780 1967 E-type OTS Maroon Ontario Jaguar Owners Association
   2 Llambros Chaniotis NE53-34840 96.700 1967 E-type OTS Dark Green Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   3 Barry Stephens 95.600 1965 E-type OTS Red
   C06 1 Robert Dunlop NE48-18645 98.280 1968 E-type OTS Ember Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Paul & Marlene Smith NC43-12452 97.860 1969 E-type OTS Black Ontario Jaguar Owners Association
   C09 1 Brock & Francine King NE48-22546 95.420 1963 MkII 3.8 OEW Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Phil & Fadia Karam NE48-24099 94.260 1966 MkII BRG Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C10 1 David & Bonnie Brooks NE48-22543 88.270 1970 XJ6 White Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C11 1 Stewart & Patricia Robertson NE48-18656 97.110 77 Xj6 C Green Sand Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Anthony Pearson NE48-33524 83.050 1974 XJ6L Primrose Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C12 1 Merv & Lise Clarke NE48-8672 99.910 1983 XJ6 Cranberry Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Paul Davis NE48-18643 95.670 82 Xj6 Blue Ottawa Jaguar Club
   3 John Geci NE48-38832 95.030 1988 XJ12 Gold Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C13 1 Phil & Fadia Karam NE48-24099 99.210 1995 XJR BRG Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Mike Olsen NE48-33937 97.620 1994 XJ6 Topaz Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C14 1 Cliff Thompson NE48-39155 96.940 1987 XJS Black Ottawa Jaguar Club
   C16 1 Jean Nocera NE53-36980 99.670 1968 XKE Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   2 Ira Bridger NE48-35380 97.800 1987 Xj6 S3 Sovereign Crimson Ottawa Jaguar Club
   3 Phil & Fadia Karam NE48-24099 96.510 1982 XJS Ottawa Jaguar Club
   D01 1 Llambros Chaniotis NE53-34840 9.839 1958 XK150 OTS Black Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   D02 1 Grant Edwards NE48-33939 9.913 1966 E-type FHC Primrose Ottawa Jaguar Club
   D03 1 Herb & Barbara Woods NE48-24757 9.921 69 E-type OTS, Blue Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Guy Goodman NE53-35356 9.895 68 Xke Ots Silver Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   3 Kevin Henderson NE53-34851 9.710 1970 E-type OTS, Red Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   D05 1 Ken Fewkes NE53-38643 9.602 1963 MkII Blue Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   2 Yann Robin NE48-29644 8.649 1961 MkII Silver Ottawa Jaguar Club
   D06 1 Anthony Rowley 9.946 88 Xj12 S3 Grey Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Leslie Jones NE48-39154 9.922 1976 XJ6C silver Ottawa Jaguar Club
   3 F.t. Basten NE48-31556 9.884 86 Vdp S3 Blue Ottawa Jaguar Club
   4 Patrick Melosso NE53-38647 9.459 1985 XJ12 VDP Champagne Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   5 Bruce Callum 9.388 1981 XJ6 Silver Ottawa Jaguar Club
   6 Guy Cadieux 9.252 1988 XJ12 Ivory
   D07 1 Jocelyn Ferguson NE48-37461 9.831 1995 XJ6 BRG Ottawa Jaguar Club
   2 Roger Bradley NE53-38641 9.810 1995 XJ6 Jade Green Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   D08 1 Jacques Bernard NE53-34833 9.940 1989 XJS Conv Black Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea
   2 Ray Newsom NE48-35803 9.890 1996 XJS Conv. Topaz Ottawa Jaguar Club
   3 Marc Chappell NE48-38831 9.826 1988 XJS H-E Conv. Black Ottawa Jaguar Club
   4 James D & Gladys Walker NE48-30859 9.779 1996 XJS Conv. burgundy Ottawa Jaguar Club
   5 Anthony Scarabelli NE48-37821 9.666 1989 XJS Conv. Red Ottawa Jaguar Club
   6 Ron Cooper 9.510 1989 XJS Conv. Red Ottawa Jaguar Club
   D10 1 Daniel Thompson NE53-35362 9.988 2002 X-type, Platinum Jaguar Owners Association / JOA-Montrea

Important : JCNA numbers must be provided for members to be elligible for North American or Regional Awards and to be listed in the official results. If your JCNA number is missing, you will not be included in the Standings and once scores become official (30 days after an event) it will be too late for clubs to update your number. If your JCNA number is missing, please contact (click on name to send an email), event chair, to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

Do not use the report a problem with this page link;. clubs are responsible for reporting results, they must check each correction request.

Should you have any question about these results, please contact the event chair (click on name to send an email). You can also contact the Ottawa Jaguar Club (click here for contact info.), one of the two JCNA regional directors: or (click on name to send an email)