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As of the 2005 concours season, judges reports are now submitted online; click here to view the Judges Report for this Concours.or click on a class number to view judging team information for that class.

Official Results

June 11, 2005 NC47 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. Concours Wisconsin Jaguars LTD Concours

Class Pl Name JCNA # Score Car Entrant's Club
   C01A 1 David & Gail Pritchard NC47-40617 99.120 38 SS100 Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C04 1 Jerry Gray NC47-42917 99.410 1959 XK150 Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C05 1 Bruce & Maria Tammi NC47-6201 99.230 1964, XKE, OTS, Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C07 1 Terry Love NC13-35628 100.000 1974 Xke Illinois Jaguar Club
   C10 1 John & Bunni Boswell Ii NC47-6150 99.640 1973 Xj 6 Brown Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C12 1 Michael Luedke NC47-41925 99.840 1984, XJ6, VDP, Antelope Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C13 1 Richard Kalashian NC47-28946 98.440 1988 Xj 6 Crimson Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C14 1 Bob & Linda Budlow NC47-7323 99.870 2001, XJR Black Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C15A 1 Richard & Karen Diercksmeier NC47-35792 99.790 1990, XJS, Conv, Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   2 Ian C & Sue Furness NC47-7341 99.690 1987, XJSC, Gray Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   3 Al &pam Umaske NC47-31628 99.410 1991, XJS, Conv, White Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C17 1 Randall Moles NC47-18928 99.810 2003, S Type, Silver Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   2 Robert & Judy Reid SE56-15379 98.540 2000, S Type, Blue Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club
   C18 1 John & Yvonne Lesure NC47-40481 99.520 2003, X-Type, Platinum Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D01 1 James M & Cathy Kakuska NC13-3516 9.911 1959 XK150 DHC Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 1 Thomas R & Daria Durham NC13-24540 9.994 1967 E-type/silver Blue Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 1 Rod Lindoo NC13-3520 9.991 1970 XKE OE White Illinois Jaguar Club
   D04 1 Mark A Havemann NC13-30039 9.969 1972 E-type Regency Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Ian C & Sue Furness NC47-7341 9.966 1974 XKE White Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   3 Don Ruck NC47-26489 9.921 1971 E-type 2+2 Lt. Blue Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   4 Al &pam Umaske NC47-31628 9.801 1974 E-TYPE RED Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D07 1 Stan & Margie Fortuna NC47-41127 9.983 1996, XJ12, BRG Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D10 1 David & Lori Warren NC47-41920 9.971 2001, XJR BRG Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   2 Al &pam Umaske NC47-31628 9.895 1999, XJ8, Gold Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D11 1 Dallas & Mary Schwalenberg NC47-40840 9.992 2003, S-Type R, Black Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   DISP Frederick Welk NC47-26932 1998 XK8 coupe Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   Thomas R & Daria Durham NC13-24540 2002 X Type Blue Illinois Jaguar Club
   Paul & Emily Land NC47-40846 1998 XK8 Conv Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   Rich & Deb Labandz NC47-42591 1983 XJ6 Silver Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   S02 1 Mike & Deb Korneli NC47-13436 9.997 1971 E-Type, White/Green Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   S03 1 Leroy & Juliette Maxfield/sterkens NC47-37875 9.991 1969 XKE Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.

Important : JCNA numbers must be provided for members to be elligible for North American or Regional Awards and to be listed in the official results. If your JCNA number is missing, you will not be included in the Standings and once scores become official (30 days after an event) it will be too late for clubs to update your number. If your JCNA number is missing, please contact (click on name to send an email), event chair, to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

Do not use the report a problem with this page link;. clubs are responsible for reporting results, they must check each correction request.

Should you have any question about these results, please contact the event chair (click on name to send an email). You can also contact the Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. (click here for contact info.), one of the two JCNA regional directors: or (click on name to send an email)