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See footnote for important information about reporting discrepancies or correcting missing JCNA numbers.

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As of the 2005 concours season, judges reports are now submitted online; click here to view the Judges Report for this Concours.or click on a class number to view judging team information for that class.

Official Results

May 31, 2008 SE09 Jaguar Club of Florida Concours 21st Annual JCOF Concours d'Elegance

Class Pl Name JCNA # Score Car Entrant's Club
   C09 1 Thomas & Sally Cashel SE09-45007 99.980 1963 Mark 2, Gray Jaguar Club of Florida
   C15A 1 Joseph H. Rowe SE54-25468 99.930 1989 XJS Coupe, Black Jaguar Car Club of North Florida
   C15B 1 Robert Ballard SE09-27879 99.880 1993 XJS Coupe Red Jaguar Club of Florida
   C16A 1 Abram & Gail Amanns SE56-39631 100.000 1999 XK8 Conv. Black Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club
   2 Robert & Lynn Abascal SE09-24441 99.940 2001 XKR Conv. Silver Jaguar Club of Florida
   3 Martin Paloof SE11-45726 98.797 2006 XKR Conv. Black Suncoast Jaguar Club
   C16B 1 Louis & Barbara Kairys SE09-38851 99.990 2007 XK Conv. Indigo Jaguar Club of Florida
   C19A 1 James W. Kuhlmann SE09-4362 99.740 1970 XKE FHC Willow Green Jaguar Club of Florida
   D02 1 Irbye Giddens SE09-30937 9.998 1967 XKE FHC BRG Jaguar Club of Florida
   2 Ginger Corda SE09-33607 9.925 1966 XKE DHC Golden Sand Jaguar Club of Florida
   D03 1 David Hunter 9.819 1968 XKE DHC BRG
   D04 1 Marvin Williams SE11-38598 9.994 1973 E-Type 2+2 Suncoast Jaguar Club
   2 Ginger Corda SE09-33607 9.983 1971 E-Type 2+2 Regency Red Jaguar Club of Florida
   D06 1 Bill & Lynne Snowden SE09-41002 9.992 1987 XJ6 Saloon VDP, Black Jaguar Club of Florida
   D07 1 William Smail SE10-31000 9.997 1997 XJ6 Saloon White South Florida Jaguar Club
   D08A 1 Richard Sveum SE11-46534 9.913 1989 XJS Coupe, Red Suncoast Jaguar Club
   D09A 1 Mike Kreul SE09-36693 10.000 1999 XK8 DHC, Red Jaguar Club of Florida
   D10 1 Thomas & Shirley Gooding SE11-35132 10.000 2004 XJ-8 Saloon, Blue Suncoast Jaguar Club
   2 Jerry Wise SE09-19911 9.997 2004 XJ8 Saloon, Gray Jaguar Club of Florida
   DISP Vic Hall 1992 XJS
   Vic Hall 1997 XK8
   Raymond Oliver 1990 XJS
   Peter Betterman 1973 S III Etype, BRG
   Ken Hubble 1954 XK120, White
   Ian D. Crawford 1993 XJ220, Monza Red
   Whit & Dick Mc Farlin 1970 S II XKE 2+2
   S02 1 Thomas E Curren SE09-4358 9.992 1952 XK120 Roadster, Red Jaguar Club of Florida
   S03 1 Dan & Marilyn Middleton SE09-28807 10.000 1963 XKE DHC Red Jaguar Club of Florida

Important : JCNA numbers must be provided for members to be elligible for North American or Regional Awards and to be listed in the official results. If your JCNA number is missing, you will not be included in the Standings and once scores become official (30 days after an event) it will be too late for clubs to update your number. If your JCNA number is missing, please contact (click on name to send an email), event chair, to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

Do not use the report a problem with this page link;. clubs are responsible for reporting results, they must check each correction request.

Should you have any question about these results, please contact the event chair (click on name to send an email). You can also contact the Jaguar Club of Florida (click here for contact info.), one of the two JCNA regional directors: or (click on name to send an email)