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As of the 2005 concours season, judges reports are now submitted online; click here to view the Judges Report for this Concours.or click on a class number to view judging team information for that class.

Official Results

July 31, 2010 NC13 Illinois Jaguar Club Concours Concours d'Elegance

Class Pl Name JCNA # Score Car Entrant's Club
   C01B 1 James & Kala Beranich NC13-11298 99.680 1948 3 1/2 Litre Saloon Black Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Robert & Jeri Herold SC20-14759 99.670 1938 2 1/2 Ltr DHC Two Tone Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C02 1 Richard & Louise Sacks NC13-43933 97.980 1952 XK120 Signal Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 L. Walker Willson NC13-33368 97.730 1953 XK 120 OTS BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   C03 1 Phil & Lupe Taxman SC20-23798 99.740 1957, XK140 SE MC, OTS, Red Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C04 1 Michael Abramson NC13-35683 99.940 1961 XK150 DHC, Maroon Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Jim & Lisa Hendrix SC20-17143 99.400 1959 XK 150S OTS Carmen Red Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C05 1 Dennis & Janet Weglarz NC19-45257 99.940 1962 E-Type FHC Red Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan
   2 Richard & Louise Sacks NC13-43933 99.920 1967 XKE OTS black Illinois Jaguar Club
   C06 1 Rod Lindoo NC13-3520 99.840 1970 E-Type SII 2+2 White Illinois Jaguar Club
   C07 1 Terry Love NC13-35628 100.000 1974 E-Type SIII OTS Imperial Illinois Jaguar Club
   C09 1 Daniel & Vicki Dieska NC13-3502 98.370 1967 Mark II Saloon Dark Blue Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Allan Price NC13-18724 97.190 1963 Mark II Saloon BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   C10 1 John & Bunni Boswell Ii NC47-6150 99.190 1973 XJ6 SI Sedan Brown Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C11 1 John & Bunni Boswell Ii NC47-6150 99.430 1976 XJ6C Coupe Yello Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C14 1 James & Marcia Mcdonald XX98-41468 100.000 2004 XJ8 Sedan Blue At- Large
   2 Hildo G. Hoogcarspel NC13-46475 99.960 2004, XJ8, Sedan, Zircon Illinois Jaguar Club
   C15A 1 Daniel & Vicki Dieska NC13-3502 99.650 1990 XJS Coupe Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   C16A 1 Rodney & Patricia Kath NC13-47791 99.890 1998 XK8 Carnival Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Ken & Kathy Mcdade SC20-43542 99.880 1997 XK8 Ice Blue Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C18 1 Crispin Hales NC13-15277 99.930 2007 X-Type Jaguar Racing Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 1 Bruce & Maria Tammi NC47-6201 9.967 1964 E-Type SI Roadster Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   2 Richard & Louise Sacks NC13-43933 9.910 1965 E-Type SI FHC Black Illinois Jaguar Club
   3 John Janisch NC13-44669 9.826 1967 E-type Sl OTS White Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 1 Wayne Wagner NC13-23142 9.990 1970 E-Type SII OTS Willow Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Shelley Yoelin NC13-36885 9.981 1969 E-Type SII FHC Signal Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   D04 1 Mark A Havemann NC13-30039 9.988 1972 E-Type SIII 2+2 Regency Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Corwin Schroeder NC13-46037 9.919 1973 E-Type SIII OTS Signal Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   3 Dan Bent 9.615 1973 E-Type SIII OTS Blue
   D05 1 Rob Jonker NC13-23273 9.975 1963 Mk II Saloon White Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Philip Modica NC13-39522 9.926 1960 Mark II Burgundy Illinois Jaguar Club
   D06 1 Wes Woldt 9.974 1985 XJ6 SIII Sedan Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   D07 1 Edward Bowe NC13-48263 9.647 1992 XJ40 Sedan Black Illinois Jaguar Club
   D08A 1 Robert Biebrach NC13-20413 9.998 1986 XJS Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Brian Haynes 9.988 1991 XJS Coupe Red
   D08B 1 Daniel & Mary Cusick NC13-42309 9.995 1994 XJS - Black Illinois Jaguar Club
   D09A 1 Andrew & Eve Flor NC13-47589 9.993 2002 XK8 Conv BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Peter Culberg 9.984 2000 XKR Silver
   3 Burton Benjamin NC13-41465 9.951 2001XKR Gray Illinois Jaguar Club
   DISP Loran & Mary Arnold NC13-47369 2004 XKR BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   Dwight Frankfather 2002 X Type Grey
   Richard & Karen Diercksmeier NC47-35792 1990 XJS Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   Robert R. Tilson NC13-42736 1969 E-Type SII OTS Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   Dave Johnson 1977 XJS Black
   John & Christine Noone NC13-28323 1969 E-Type SII 2+2 BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   Thomas D Eggers NC13-39403 2006 XJ8 Winter Gold Illinois Jaguar Club
   Tom & Liza Wright SE09-47366 1949 XK120 Blue Sheen Jaguar Club of Florida
   John & Nancy Puchek NC47-47724 1996 XJS Flamenco Red Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   Donna & Cj Morrison NC13-43004 2003 X-Type Black Illinois Jaguar Club
   Ryan Haley 1995 XJS
   Dan Casciato 1969 E-Type SII 2+2 Red
   Stephen & Sally Styers NC13-43193 1993 XJS Conv. Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   Thomas R & Daria Durham NC13-24540 2002 X Type Blue Illinois Jaguar Club
   Cynthia Brandenburg NC13-39162 2005 XJR Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   William & Emily Kuhlman NC13-45694 2001 XJ8 Topaz Illinois Jaguar Club
   Daniel & Mary Cusick NC13-42309 1964 E-Type SI FHC BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   Cleon Statton Jr NC13-47586 1967 E-Type Sl OTS Yellow Illinois Jaguar Club
   Roman Plichta NC13-39094 1959 XK 150 OTS Imperial Maroon Illinois Jaguar Club
   Don Gurik NC13-47546 2008 XK Coupe Green Illinois Jaguar Club
   James Dunkel NC13-27110 1987 XJ6 SIII Blue Illinois Jaguar Club
   Alan Wilson NC13-38476 1997 XK8 Red Illinois Jaguar Club
   Ken Novak NC13-39666 2003 XK8 Conv. BRG Illinois Jaguar Club
   Dennis Bock 1974 E-Type SIII OTS Silver
   S03 1 Kenneth Katch NC13-43753 9.981 1961 Mark II Saloon Gray Illinois Jaguar Club
   2 Daniel & Vicki Dieska NC13-3502 9.965 1967 XKE OTS - Red Illinois Jaguar Club

Important : JCNA numbers must be provided for members to be elligible for North American or Regional Awards and to be listed in the official results. If your JCNA number is missing, you will not be included in the Standings and once scores become official (30 days after an event) it will be too late for clubs to update your number. If your JCNA number is missing, please contact (click on name to send an email), event chair, to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

Do not use the report a problem with this page link;. clubs are responsible for reporting results, they must check each correction request.

Should you have any question about these results, please contact the event chair (click on name to send an email). You can also contact the Illinois Jaguar Club (click here for contact info.), one of the two JCNA regional directors: or (click on name to send an email)