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As of the 2005 concours season, judges reports are now submitted online; click here to view the Judges Report for this Concours.or click on a class number to view judging team information for that class.

Official Results

October 23, 2010 SC38 Jaguar Club of Houston Concours Jaguar Club of Houston 33rd Annual Conco

Class Pl Name JCNA # Score Car Entrant's Club
   0 0.000
   0 0.000
   C01A 1 Rufus T & Pat A Coburn Iii SC37-25616 100.000 1935 SS Jaguar Club of Austin
   C06 1 Michael & Betsy Wood SC38-35418 99.730 1969 E-Type Ser II OTS Jaguar Club of Houston
   C07 1 Patrick Phillips SC38-41708 99.430 1974 E-Type SIII OTS 12 cyl Jaguar Club of Houston
   C09 1 Michael Sunday SC35-45631 99.920 1967 MK II Saloon Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   C12 1 Dave Mcdowell SC35-29371 99.930 1987 XJ6 SIII VDP Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   C13 1 David Nichols SC35-29995 99.990 1996 XJR Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   C15A 1 Larry Shepperd 99.890 1989 XJ-6 Convertible
   C15B 1 Alexandra Eaton SC35-44511 99.990 1995 XJS Convertible - Burgundy Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   C16A 1 Edward Pavelek SC38-35404 99.970 2004 XKR Convertible Jaguar Club of Houston
   C17 1 David & Marilee Belanger SC38-35405 100.000 2000 Saloon S-type Seafrost Jaguar Club of Houston
   C19A 1 Spencer Mann XX98-44705 99.830 1967, E-Type, FHC, Silver Blue
   D03 1 Larry & Nancy Bell SC38-47777 9.948 1970 E-Type SII OTS, Dark Green Jaguar Club of Houston
   2 David Morrissey 9.795 1969 E-Type SII OTS
   D05 1 Paul & Susan Brown SC38-29606 9.984 1963 Mark II saloon, light gray Jaguar Club of Houston
   D07 1 Don & Patti Mcclane SC35-44108 10.000 1995 XJ6 White Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   2 Brian Blackwell SC50-27283 9.985 1997 XJ6L Brg San Antonio Jaguar Club
   D08A 1 Richard & Martha Waitkus SC37-45046 9.986 1988 XJS-C, Champagne Jaguar Club of Austin
   2 Bob Roten 9.969 1988 XJ-S Convertible
   D08B 1 Joe Derbes SC38-45324 9.991 XJ-s Convertible (New) Jaguar Club of Houston
   2 Vincent & Anne Ward SC38-34054 9.943 1995 XJs Convertible V-12, Dark Red Jaguar Club of Houston
   D09A 1 David Sivils SC35-42706 9.998 2006 XKR Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   2 Chuck & Sandy Rhodes SC38-38199 9.997 1998 XK8 Coupe Silver Jaguar Club of Houston
   D09B 1 Gary & Nancy Collins SC38-46487 10.000 2008 XKR Convertible Jaguar Club of Houston
   D10 1 Gene Veselka SC50-46186 9.997 1999 XJ8 Saloon Silver San Antonio Jaguar Club
   1 Dolores Pavelek SC38-35404 9.997 2002 XJ8 Jaguar Club of Houston
   2 Mike & Stephanie Woodward SC38-44638 9.994 2004 XJ8 VDP Jaguar Club of Houston
   3 Albert & Jeanne Angulo SC38-45677 9.990 2003 Super V8 Vanden Plas Topaz Jaguar Club of Houston
   S03 1 John & Jennifer Walker SC38-27460 9.994 1969 E-Type SII 2+2 Jaguar Club of Houston
   2 John & Julie Knock SC38-47714 9.990 1963 E-Type SI Roadster Jaguar Club of Houston
   3 Buck Buchanan SC35-40274 9.985 1988 XJS Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe

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Event membership : clubs must forward event memberships to JCNA so that they can be processed before scores become official. If new members entered the event, please forward membership information to JCNA asap. When JCNA numbers are issued and received by your club, please enter them or these entrants will not be included in competition standings. It is the club responsibility to include JCNA numbers.

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