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Class Place Name JCNA # Car Time # Sc. Entrant's Club

  A 1 Burton Hunter NE26-34329 1951 Mk V, Black
68.600 1 Jaguar Touring Club
  A 2 Charlie Manchester SW46-11142 47 MK IV
70.025 1 Reno Jaguar Club

  B 1 Adrian Curtis NE18-28897 1953 XK120 Black
47.162 1 Jaguar Association of New England
  B 2 Michael Eck NE52-46729 1952 XK120, Grey
48.444 1 Jaguar Auto Group
  B 3 Mark Stephenson SW02-18420 52 XK120 OTS
48.725 1 Jaguar Club of Central Arizona

  C 1 Rick Martin NW32-4022 1963 MARK 2
51.208 1 Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon
  C 2 John Baxa SE57-40850 1961 MK IX
53.640 2 North Georgia Jaguar Club
  C 3 Gordon Jackson NW42-44524 1968 340 Sedan White
54.770 3 Canadian XK Jaguar Register

  D 1 Steve Weinstein NE26-32043 1970 E-type FHC
44.405 4 Jaguar Touring Club
  D 2 BILL PARISH NE18-41286 1966 E-Type OTS, Maroon
44.591 2 Jaguar Association of New England
  D 3 Tom Parish NE18-41285 1969 E-type OTS, BRG
44.999 2 Jaguar Association of New England

  E 1 Stephen Kress NE33-15743 1973 E-Type Conv., Green
45.801 1 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club
  E 2 Michael Eck NE52-46729 1972 E-Type Coupe Willow Green
45.893 1 Jaguar Auto Group
  E 3 Ginger Corda SE09-33607 1971 E-Type FHC Reg. Red
46.673 3 Jaguar Club of Florida

  F 1 William Suter SE09-30824 1996 XJ6 Burgundy
46.463 2 Jaguar Club of Florida
  F 2 Brian J Prosser NE25-33480 1978 XJ12L, sedan, Maroon
46.481 1 Jaguar Association of Central New York
  F 3 DAN BRATTON NE33-41480 1994 XJ40 Saloon, Champagne
46.722 1 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club

  H 1 James Anderson SE57-42482-JA 1971 E-type
39.319 2 North Georgia Jaguar Club
  H 2 Richard Maury SE57-4892 1971 XKE FHC BRG
39.921 2 North Georgia Jaguar Club
  H 3 Gary Hagopian NE18-3614 1963 XKE FHC Red
all :-)
41.281 4 Jaguar Association of New England

  I 1 Dean Cusano NE08-1695 1985 XJS, black
38.906 3 Jaguar Club of Southern New England
  I 2 Art Dickenson NW44-34559 1983 XJS GT Coupe SILVER
41.104 4 Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group
  I 3 Kenneth Haas NE08-20674 1975 XJ12C Black
43.726 2 Jaguar Club of Southern New England

  J 1 Rick Van Tuyl SC16-3821 1990 XJS Coupe
44.899 1 Heart of America Jaguar Club
  J 2 DAVID DEW NE18-44501 95,XJSC,GREEN
46.629 1 Jaguar Association of New England
----> J DAVID DEW NE18-44501 95,XJSC,GREEN"
46.629 NE18 on 2008-10-19 [>>>]
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  J 3 John Braybrooks NW61-40215 1995 XJS Convertible, Red
46.846 2 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria

  K 1 Ray Duhaime NE18-43955 2001 XK8 Conv, white
44.754 2 Jaguar Association of New England
  K 2 John Almada SW01-36682-JA 2007, XK, Coupe, Dk Grey
46.670 1 Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona
  K 3 Daniel Drummond SW05-45071 1998 XK8 Conv, Topaz
47.036 1 Jaguar Associate Group

  L 1 Gary Hyman SC38-46214 2007 XKR Convertible
44.035 1 Jaguar Club of Houston
  L 2 Dolores Zimmerman SW01-34663-DZ 2001, XKR, Coupe, Platinum
44.493 2 Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona
  L 3 Don Mcarthur SC30-25540 2003 S-Type R, Blue
45.118 3 Jaguar Club of Tulsa

  M 1 Richard Maury SE57-4892 09 XF White
45.563 1 North Georgia Jaguar Club
  M 2 Julie Bailey NW61-45350 2004 S Type Quartz
47.707 3 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria
  M 3 Stew Cleave NW32-26629 2001 S-type
49.256 1 Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon

  N 1 CHASE DICKENSON NW44-45065 2002 X Type Saloon White
45.007 2 Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group
  N 2 Tom Gotta NE26-46564 2003 X-Type, Blue
46.805 3 Jaguar Touring Club
  N 3 Clive Townley NW61-45589 2006 X-Type Wagon, Gold
47.998 1 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria

  SPH 1 Gary Cobble SE56-35915 1990, XJS, Convertible, Black
43.816 1 Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club
  SPH 2 GRANT SANBORN NE08-39212 2001 XKR, FHC, Black
44.611 3 Jaguar Club of Southern New England
  SPH 3 John Jessie SE56-35918 1985, XJS, Coupe, Green
46.407 3 Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club

  SPL 1 Jim Roberge NE18-18446 1973 XKE convert. silver
41.777 2 Jaguar Association of New England
  SPL 2 Tyler Hayward NW32-46650 1966 E-TYPE OTS
42.796 1 Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon
  SPL 3 Paul Delatush NE52-31174 70 E-TYPE OTS RED
43.612 4 Jaguar Auto Group

Important : JCNA numbers must be provided for members to be elligible for North American Awards. If your JCNA number is missing, you will not be included in the Standings.

Slalom Mods Codes : A = 5 point rollbar, B = Treadwear rating, C=Suspension, D=Brakes, E=Wheels, F=tire profile, G=Lowered ride height, H=Weight reduction, I=Exhaust, J=Engine Acc., K=Internal engine mods, L=Intake, M=Others

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