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2008 Complete Interim Standings
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note that complete interim standings are shown even though final standings are available
to show complete resutls, including those who did not finish in the top three.

2008 Final Standings / Competition Awards
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2008 - Concours
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Stat. Date Club Type Event Name
official November 8, 2008 SW02 Jaguar Club of Central Arizona Concours Saloons in the Old West
official November 1, 2008 SE10 South Florida Jaguar Club Concours SFJC Concours d'Elegance
official October 25, 2008 SC38 Jaguar Club of Houston Concours Jaguar Club of Houston Concours d'Elegan
official October 18, 2008 SC31 Central Oklahoma Jaguar Association Concours COJA 2008 Fall Concours
official October 12, 2008 SE57 North Georgia Jaguar Club Concours North Georgia Jaguar Club Concours d'Ele
official October 11, 2008 SW01 Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona Concours JCSA Concours d'Elegance
official October 11, 2008 SE11 Suncoast Jaguar Club Concours Dan Ligas Memorial Jag-Fest
official October 11, 2008 SC37 Jaguar Club of Austin Concours Jaguar Club of Austin Concours
official October 11, 2008 SC20 Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis Concours JAGUARS LOST IN THE CLAYTON TRIANGLE
official October 4, 2008 SC50 San Antonio Jaguar Club Concours 16th Annual Alamo City Concours D'Elegan
official October 4, 2008 SW60 Inland Empire Jaguar Club Concours Wine Country Concours
official September 21, 2008 NE23 Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island Concours JDCLI Concours d' Elegance
official September 21, 2008 SE12 Virginia Jaguar Club Concours Virginia Jaguar Club Concours d'Elegance
official September 20, 2008 SC35 Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest Concours 38th Annual concours d'elegance
official September 14, 2008 SW04 Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. Concours Annual Concours d'Elegance
official September 13, 2008 SW39 Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register Concours Concours
official September 13, 2008 NC19 Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan Concours Concours
official September 7, 2008 NE40 Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club Concours NCJOC Concours d'Elegtance
official August 23, 2008 NC47 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd. Concours Wisconsin Jaguars LTD Concours
official August 16, 2008 NW42 Canadian XK Jaguar Register Concours Heritage Classic
official August 9, 2008 NW41 Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA Concours Jaguars on the Green
official August 9, 2008 NE18 Jaguar Association of New England Concours JANE 36th Annual Concours d'Elegance
official August 9, 2008 NC59 Jaguar Club of Greater Cincinnati Concours JCGC Concours
official August 2, 2008 SW07 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club Concours Grand Junction Concours
official August 2, 2008 NC28 The Jaguar Club of Ohio Concours Concours d'Elegance
official August 1, 2008 SW07 Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club Concours Western States Concours
official July 26, 2008 SE55 Music City Jaguar Club Concours Music City Jaguar Concours
official July 26, 2008 NC13 Illinois Jaguar Club Concours IJC Concours d' Elegance
official July 20, 2008 SW03 San Diego Jaguar Club Concours San Diego Jaguar Club 44th Annual Concou
official July 19, 2008 NW32 Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon Concours Wheels & Wings
official July 19, 2008 NC45 Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh Concours Concours at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand
official July 12, 2008 NC29 Jaguar Association of Central Ohio Concours JACO Concours
official July 5, 2008 NW61 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria Concours Jaguars on the Island
official June 28, 2008 SE21 Carolina Jaguar Club Concours Carolina Jaguar Jubilee
official June 22, 2008 NC43 Ontario Jaguar Owners Association Concours Concours d'Elegance
official June 21, 2008 NE48 Ottawa Jaguar Club Concours 20th Annual Jaguars in The Nation/'s Cap
official June 8, 2008 NE08 Jaguar Club of Southern New England Concours 40th Anniversary Concours d'Elegance
official June 7, 2008 NW44 Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group Concours Meadows Days Concour 2008
official June 7, 2008 NC49 Jaguar Drivers Club Area 51 Concours NC49 - Jaguar Drivers' Club Area-51
official June 1, 2008 NE33 Delaware Valley Jaguar Club Concours DVJC Concours d' Elegance
official May 31, 2008 SE09 Jaguar Club of Florida Concours 21st Annual JCOF Concours d'Elegance
official May 24, 2008 NC63 Susquehanna Valley Jaguar Club Concours Concours at Cruise for a Knight
official May 17, 2008 SE56 Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club Concours Smoky Mountain Concours d'Elegance
official May 17, 2008 SC16 Heart of America Jaguar Club Concours 34th Annual Concour
official April 19, 2008 SC14 Club Jaguar A.C. Concours Jaguar Club Mexico Concourse de Elegance
official April 19, 2008 SE54 Jaguar Car Club of North Florida Concours Legends on the Green