Jaguar Association of New England
Club information 

JANE is a diverse organization with members of all backgrounds and ages with a common bond of friendship and enthusiasm for the automobile, especially Jaguars. Our members include engineers, professors, artists, automotive professionals, pilots, lawyers, and a variety of other professions. We love to organize tours, tech sessions, slaloms, and rallies. Our annual Concours d'Elegance, held in a beautiful lakeside location in Central Massachusetts, is not to be missed! Monthly meetings are open to all on the 4th Wednesday of every month. See JANE's website for location and agenda.


Our club is governed by a Board consisting of Directors elected for staggered 3-year terms plus the current President and Past President. As of January 1, 2017, our Board and officers consist of: Officers with one-year terms: President, Dean Saluti (resigned effective 14 SEP 2017); Past President, Jim Sambold; Vice President - Membership, Howard Kalet; Vice President - Events, Chuck Centore; Vice President - Events, Richard Kosinski; Secretary, Bonnie Getz; Treasurer, Don Holden.  General Board Members with two years remaining in their terms: John Brady, David Moulton, Frank Grimaldi.  General Board Members with one year remaining in their terms: Mike Axford, Marjorie Cahn, Aldo Cipriano, Lauren MacCarthy, Gus Niewenhous, Jennifer Taylor. Newly elected for three years: Rich Kosinski (returning), Jane Murray.


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Contact Details

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 936
Hampton NH 03842 USA
President: Dean Saluti
Phone: 617-285-6565
Vice President: Chuck Centore
Phone: (978) 201-9782
Vice President: Rich Kosinski
Phone: (978) 204-5300
Treasurer: Don Holden
Phone: 603-673-8167
Secretary: Bonnie Getz
Phone: 603-402-9879
Editor: Tracey Levasseur
Phone: 207-247-3385
Webmaster: Dennis Eklof
Phone: 508-878-9510
Concours Chair: Jane Murray
Phone: 781-729-1886
Membership: Howard Kalet (VP - Membership)
Phone: 508-380-7898
Chief Judge: Jim Sambold
Phone: 603-918-8795
Traveler Contact: Gary Hagopian
Phone: 603-763-3093
Slalom Chair: Paul Bicknell
Phone: 619-924-6355
Email: pab@mitre,org
Assistant Newsletter Editor: Prebble Eklof
Phone: 617-877-5825
AGM Delegate: Jim Sambold
AGM Delegate: Bonnie Getz

News Articles

Third Eye at the 2009 AGM (from the Wife and JCSNE Proxy)
Third Eye at the 2009 AGM (from the Wife and JCSNE Proxy) Taking off to sunny snowless balmy Denver for the 2009 AGM was a treat. It is an opportunity to see and hear the people who are the movers...