XK 120 Judging Guide

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2014-08-22 15:54:30

All, the weekend is coming. If you have a concours coming up, please take some detailed XK 120 photos and email them to me.

If you have a 120, please get it out and get some detailed photos. There are too many needed to list them all but some are engine photos. I need shots of the early carbs with the tall stacks on them.

I need lots of detailed engine shots, both early and late, for all models.

I also need boot shots of both early and late cars. Shoot each side panel, the carpet, the boot lid, the latching mechanism, the prop rod, the spare

To see photos I do have, many of which are incorrect ( and I need your help correcting them) please go to, jcna.com, click on Concours, scroll down below the Protest Reports to the Judging Guides. Click on XK 120 Judging Guide ÔÇô Draft and it is still certainly in Draft mode.

Please email photos (1 high res per email or it will kill my machine) and information to:


Steve Kennedy

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