10 days, and what a car!

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-05-26 17:25:24

I cannot believe this vehicle.
Sure, it has some things to do still, and it's cold-blooded, and all of that.

Been driving it exclusively for over a week, have to keep thumping the petrol gauge to see if it's stuck.
I am going to have to check the MPG's and see what it is.
It just doesn't use much petrol, that's for sure!

Drove over to a friend's house tonight, Irish lad, cut his teeth on Jags in Ireland, owns two new-fangled ones now.

Tossed him the keys, we drove it for 30 minutes.
He thought it was.....nice.
I could tell he was used to the power steering on his newer Jags, though.

For a 2.4, it sure goes good.
Sounds like a Jag, handles like a Jag, I keep finding myself at 3500 rpm in second gear listening to it.

I do believe it's gonna stay RHD.
I like it.

Got the forms to join the local Jag Club from my friend, so those go off in the post this week.


I guess one could say the same about your 1950 Ford? They are simple cars, no bells and whistles, they just go and keep going. Just restore whatever needs fixing, and leave it original.

Now let's see, I have been dreaming about an original 1934 Ford Panel Delivery for, 34 years now? (not 1936, not 1935, 1 9 3 4 ).

If you take your glasses off, and squint, that photo of your "S" in your sig avatar looks an awful lot like a '34......

On this MKII, hey, no auto trans, no power steering, no power windows.
Just about as simple as flatties.
Just about.

it does, doesn't it?

no power windows, no power locks, no anti-lock brakes, no cd changer in the trunk, no airbags, no side bags, no buzzers, no cruise control, no sunroof, no electric sunroof, no intermittent wipers, no heated seats, no steering lock, no computer, no ECU, no UCE, no modules.

Just raw forward power.