10 inch Personalized Clock with photo supplied by you

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2011-09-06 17:44:11

Now available from JCNA.com/Shoppe/Merchandise, a 10 inch clock with a photo of your Jaguar, pet or anything else you would like to have on the clock. The photo must be very high resolution, one meg or more. Please purchase from the JCNA site then send one photo per email or you will crash my machine.

The photo MUST be taken with lots of foreground and background (turn the camera 90 degrees). Please send an email to skennedyatjcna.com for more details on the photo requirements.

Clocks are available with either a silver or black frame, but are in VERY LIMITED supply. The cost is $25 each for members, $35 each for non-members.

Take your photo now before winter comes!

Please allow two weeks for delivery.