1959 mark 9

Started By: Joe Franzwa on 2010-01-23 02:13:11

Just saved a mark from the crusher.The guy that had it, wanted to take out the motor and junk the rest.I really have too many projects but I do like the lines of the car. The body has no cancer the interior is rough although the wood looks good. My question is if I do restore this myself are the parts available, and will I have way more than it is worth in it? I was just going to make a driver out of it. I am going to try and get it running next week. The owner said that it does run. I am very capable to do the resto myself.


General rule of thumb:
The cost of restoration is generally much higher than value.

Now, if you start with a cream puff, maybe not, but cost of leather, body, paint, chrome, will usually be in excess of 15K.
Not counting mechanical, wiring, etc.

If the body is straight and fairly rust-free, and you can squirt it yourself, chrome polishes up okay, runs, you're looking at a lot less, but leather interior is gonna set you back a bundle.

Hide of Nauga interior will be presentable, wears well, good for a driver, thousands less than Hide of Cow, so think about it.

My car, interior is over 30 years old, and it looks good.
A whole lot better than the original green velour.

I can repair anything on the car, body, paint, mech. etc. Its just too solid to part .Restored a series 1 e type, which I love, but this car is calling to me. We all know that these cars are a sickness, but we keep coming back fo more.

I've had a call from Jaguar for 43 years before one presented itself.

Mine is a 1964 MK2, with a 2.4L 4-speed, in RHD, and I love it!


What part of the country or world are you?

I am from New Jersey. I am hoping to get some pics posted when I can.

Hey Joe, I just purchased a 1959 Mk 9 myself and although the car seems to be complete it's in need of a full restoration. This is my first Jag and my first resto project so any info on how and where to start on it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info

Mo Baiz