1964 MKII Boot lamp

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-05-27 09:29:02

I figured out this car has a reverse light.
First car I think I personally have owned and driven that did!
Of course, it didn't work, so I went looking.
Bulb bad. No big deal.
I dropped the socket assembly out of the lid, and gee, there are 4 bulbs there!
Two I know are license lights, they work.
The 3rd was backup, replaced the bulb and now it works.
But the 4th bulb......

Points into the boot area from the lid.
Played with it, looking for a switch, nothing.
Traced wires, realized there was no separate boot lamp circuit.

It is plugged into the license lamps, comes on with headlights.
That normal?

No switch?

Well, at least I know how to get it on now!



Edited on 2008-05-27 16:32:27

mine has a mercury switch, so that the boot light comes on when you raise the lid AND the parking lights are ON.

Maybe there IS a switch built into that socket!
I went over the entire wiring daigram, and it is not shown at all.
I'll close myself in the boot and see if it goes out!

well I hope you will have someone outside to open the boot ! Should I keep the phone handy to call you? serious!

you have the same socket? it's a mercury switch / bulb socket combo. Then you're set, it should come on with the lid open, parking lights ON. (they rarely work, they need exercise).
Not shown in any diagram, must have been an after-the-fact, hurry-up-and-do-something kind of situation.