1964 MKII inner column positioner

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-06-22 17:25:41

This is very strange.

I changed out the column bushings this weekend, had the right 2.4L parts manual and repair manual.
I finally figured out where this retainer was, got it apart and back together.
This is a brass horseshoe that fits in from the bottom of the column, right at the firewall, with a split cover and a hose clamp.
Neither the parts manual nor the repair manual I have show these parts, nor do they show the groove in the inner column to accept this retainer.
Mine is somewhat worn, was going to look for another.

What is the noun name, and anybody have any idea of a part number?
Everything else (including the lower column) is right for 118011.




Edited on 2008-08-21 22:21:02

I think the brass horseshoe or 'fork' is called the Thrust Washer.

My S type column has it too, in the same place.