1967 420G 4 door

Started By: Mike & Daniel Moloney on 2009-12-15 17:34:19

My father and I own a 1967 420G. It has a rag top, back seat make up tables and right side drive. It needs some work, but its all there. I have looked all over the internet and I see the price varies from $1,500 to $23,00. I have not been into collectable cars, so I wounder why a car that seems rare to me , goes for that price. I figured you gentlemen might be able to enlighten me as to how it works this way and why. Is it economy or is ligitamenty that this car has a poor value. Any information would be greatful.

Daniel Moloney
Phx, Az

Man its cold, almost got to 50 degrees. LOL


Daniel rare is only one factor that determines value. Most folks have never driven a nice Mk 10 or 420G and have no idea that it is a vintage car with modern ride and comfort--best of both worlds. As to your car there were no "ragtops" made by the factory and the make up tables make it sound like it was a coach built car (ex-factory). It could have been modified by Radford or a company like them but the "ragtop" was not a common practice for them. Are there any badges or plates on the car that suggest "coachwork by ?????). Why not ask for a "birth certificate" from Jaguar (you can do it on this site). Best of luck and enjoy your car with your father.

There are (were) two converted 420g's in the LA area one was done very well a blue colour. Unfortunately even though they were of superior build quality they were not very terribly popular, particularly in the UK where the government used them as VIP vehicles. George, I thought they were fitted with picnic tables, were they not?