Started By: David J Hayden on 2013-05-12 06:28:28

What is the cause of water dropping onto drivers left foot on right hand turns with the air conditioning on. Is there a blocked drain hose somewhere
or is it more serious, air con works in all modes just fine and is cold. Any suggestions,or thoughts, except to purchase a pair of flip flops, would be appreciated


David sounds like blocked drains. Fairly easy to check.

Thanks George, I hope so, presume this is the drain hose from the heater/air-conditioning assembly at the right side of the firewall

Edited on 2013-05-13 11:11:20


The offending drains for the A/C case are on each side of the transmission tunnel. Remove the two fascia underscuttles and the drains are about three inches inboard and slightly ahead of the screws at the lower corner of the underscuttles. Does require a little contortion to get to them. They pull off the case nipples and can be blown out that way, both directions. Be aware, removing the hoses from the case can cause a gusher. In your case the blower housings also must have water in them. It will take a while for it to all evaporate from them on its own; or a small whole can be drilled in the blower housings, and once drained, plugged up with some RTV.

Good luck!