1994 XJ6 Model ID

Started By: Patrick McLoad on 2013-10-14 12:36:42

Hello, and thank you in advance for any help and/or response.

I have a 1994 XJ6 and I will soon be putting it up for sale. I've spent several months going through the car and fixing all of the little things, as well as a few big ones. But I digress.

I find the XJ6 /XJ40 model description to be a little confusing. The badging on the back trunk read simply XJ6. However, this Jaguar is fully loaded, incl. moonroof and headlight squirters. If this were a Sovereign model, would it have badging to indicate that?

The car does not have a leaper on the bonnet, and it has a straight 6-cylinder with 4 valves per cylinder. She's a real beauty and I hate to have to sell it.

Any input would be appreciated.

Patrick McLoad


Hi Patrick,
Actually XJ40s did not come from the UK with leapers, it was a dealer installed option here in the US.. If your car does not have the SOVEREIGN or the VANDEN-PLAS SCIPT on the rear it may be a 4.0 STANDARD XJ6 model that was well optioned. They manufactured 13,585 of the standard model from 1990 to 1994. The nice 16 inch KIWI diamond-turned alloy wheels on your car were also an option, however, just to confuse things they were standard on Sovereign models of which 50.409 were manufactured between 1990-1994. Do you have any further photographs of the interior or rear of the car. hope this was helpful.

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Thanks David, yes, that was very helpful. My son was using this car in college, and unfortunately, a truck backed into the boot lid while it was parked ayt his apt. complex. Luckily, he saw it happen, but had to chase down the guy with the truck. We ultimately got $ from his insurance company. The dent was at the 90-degree bend near the lock, so unfortunately, it could not be easily repaired. A local salvage yard had about 5 trunk lids that would fit, but four of them were quite trashy. The one I got was off a VDP and was dark green, and yes, has the scalloped lock trim. I was able to transfer the lock mechanism over to the VDP lid without much trouble, though it was a pain having to work upside down. I also had the trunk lid color matched and sprayed at great expense. The badging on the rear is impossible to remove because it is well glued directly to the metal (I tried doing so with the old boot lid; bent the hell out of the badge, so I kept the VDP badges on the replacement lid). I will of course mention this to the prospective buyer that it is NOT a VDP, but a standard XJ6. Yes, I have a ton of photos, but cannot post numerous photos on this site. I am building a web BLOG that has the history of this car as well as all of the things I've done (such as replacing all four speakers, the power steering pump, headliner, carpet, and spark plug seals and cam cover seal. Perhaps I'll post the blog link here when its ready for prime time....you'll be able to see all of the photos that way. Thanks again for the information.

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Additional photo of replaced rear boot lid (as mentioned above). Also, the original trim surrounding the lock on the correct boot lid was damaged, so I had to use the VDP trim. Looks a bit better if you ask me!

Hi Patrick,

You are right about the confusing use of the Sovereign name, especially here in the States. For the XJ40, the name was first used here in 1990 on what was really the XJ6. That let them use the XJ6 name on a new base car that was without sunroof, stainless trim on the doors etc. The Sovereign was then positioned between the XJ6 and VDP. That continued for 1992, but there were far fewer base XJ6's. Then in 1993, the Sovereign name went away in the US, but was continued in Canada, actually it was called the XJ6-Sovereign.

From your pictures, yes it's obvious your car is the XJ6, as it has the XJ6 seat covers and no inlay in the fascia veneers. The door casings used to be different between the XJ6 and VDP, but for '93-'94 they were common.

Hope that helps!

Yes, that is helpful....thanks Steve!

I tried making sense of this on Wikipedia, but there was so much over-lapping, I couldn't tell one way or the other. Then doing image searches netted a whole bunch of cars with different wheels, leapers on the hood, etc.....I had to wrap my head with tape after that!


If you ever have to remove the trunk badges and replace them with new ones, an old trick that works very well for me, Fishing Line. Slide the line behind the badge and with a gentle sawing motion work the line to the end of the badge. Remove the adhesive residue with some GOO BEGONE.
You have a standard XJ6 (XJ40) The Sovereign name did go away in the USA but Sovereigns did have box wood inlays in their wood veneers
Best and good luck
David H

Yep, that IS a good method come to think of it. I've done that with mirrors that have been cemented to a wall, but I used piano wire. Thanks for that tip!