1995 XJ6 fuel odor in the cabin

Started By: James Villano on 2014-05-27 09:30:58

After overcoming starting problems the car runs very well. However, after fifteen or twenty minuets driving time a fuel odor can be detected in the passenger compartment. Continued driving increases the intensity of the odor.

I put the car up on jacks and, with the engine idling, crawled under it and inspected the fuel lines from tank to engine compartment. I could find no leaks; where the lines were not clearly visible I felt them by had but still not evidence of gasoline. The connections at the tank are dry; no leaks at the fuel filter.

Part of the vapor recovery line consists of a hard plastic tube which has been badly kinked in at least four places. I propose to plug the vapor recovery line from the tank and test drive with the gas cap removed. My thought is that if the vapor recovery system is at fault, plugging it will eliminate it and there will no longer be a gas odor inside the car. Then I can begin testing each section of the system to find the fault. Anyone have a suggestion or see a flaw in my thinking?


I have heard of this before, and to my knowledge it is a leak in your fuel tank..trunk area.