1998 XJ-8 - Power Steering Spare Parts / Reconditioning

Started By: Peter Lange on 2013-10-13 04:45:56

She looses power steering liquid within 2 days after refill, so it appears that the pump and the hose need changing. Is there a repair kit (e.g. gaskets) or reconditioning possible for these pumps or does it generally require a complete replacement? I am asking because the functioning of the pump is still great? Who could possibly do this or if not, what would be the best place to get the spare parts?
Appreciate any help on this!


I wouldn't be so quick to condemn the pump....
I would look at the hoses and connections first. Is there leaking at the rack?

You appear to be losing a lot of fluid; it should be easy to see where it is coming from.

Josh Bartlett
1997 XK-8
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Peter, I too had a power steering leak...and it turned out to be the pump itself. (This on the car shown above this thread). Since replacent lines are somewhat expensive and there are so many hoses involved, I went through a trial/error discovery process to determine exactly where the leak was coming from. I first wrapped the supply hose connection with white cloth. Drove around; no leak there. Then wrapped the low and high pressure lines at their connections...no leak there either. Finally, a white cloth directly under the pump itself...BINGO!

I would not reccommend anyone try to replace the power steering pump themselves unless they feel confident in their mechanical abilities and unless they have a bunch of tools. Of course, your '98 will probably be a lot different than my '94. There are plenty of places that sell rebuilt pumps, but you've also got to make sure you get the rebuilt pump AND the aluminum extender together!! On my car, the pump sits just above the air cone compressor, and it was a real pain in the rear to get to all of the bolts, especailly the one nearest the engine block. I was very lucky to have been able to get the threads started on it!!

So, first wrap the underside of your pump with cloth to see if that's where the leak is....but I suspect you've probably already taken it to someone already.

Good Luck!!