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posted 9/27/04

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In accordance with the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee and others contacted
interested members and sent letters to the Editors and Presidents of JCNA
Clubs regarding candidates for Regional Directors. The nominations received
by the committee have been forwarded to the President, Jaguar Journal
Editor, and Directors. The candidates for the 2005-2007 term are:

Northwest Region : Phil Miller, Stew Cleave

Southwest Region : Bill Streitenberger

North Central Region : Mike Ksiazek

South Central Region : Brock R. McPherson

Northeast Region : no nominations

Southeast Region : Pascal Gademer

The ballots will be published in the September/October issue of the Jaguar
Journal and ballots forwarded to Ray A. Cheely, Chartered, Certified Public
Accountant. Corporate Policy C203.3, provides that any ballot that is
received after January 15, 2005, at 5:00 O'clock P.M. will not be counted.

Directors and candidates need to encourage the members within their region
to vote as voter response continues to be very poor based upon past elections.


Candidate Bios


Region : Stew Cleave

Qualifications: JCNA member since 1988. Joined Southern Arizona Jaguar
Club that year. Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon member since 1995. Active
concours participant since 1997. Chief judge, JOCO since 1998. NW regional
representative for JCRC since 2002. Concours Rule Book editor since 2003.

Education: Bachelor of Architecture (5-year program) Montana State University,

Jaguars owned: 1969 E-type 2+2; 2003 S-TYPE 3.0

Professional: Registered Architect #10058, 1974, Arizona. Professional
member, Constructions Specifications Institute, with Contract Administrator
Certification. Successfully owned and operated an Architectural/Engineering/Surveying
business for 17 years. Currently Project Manager for Peterson Engineering
Consultants, Inc., Keizer, OR

JCNA goals: To serve the Northwest Region as best I can.



Region : Phil Miller

In 1991, I joined the Jaguar Club of Central Arizona and still retain
my membership. While active in JCCA, I was treasurer from 1993 through
1995 and a concours judge from 1992 – 1995.

My wife Karen and I moved to Portland and have been active members of
the Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon (JOCO) since 1998. I am currently on
the JOCO board of directors and I was on the planning committee for the
club’s latest concours “English Elegance.”

I’m now enjoying my retirement from the FBI, where I had the good
fortune to serve as a special agent for 25 years. I would thoroughly enjoy
becoming more involved in the JCNA organization and I would be privileged
to represent the Northwest Region as their director.



Region : Bill Streitenberger

Local offices and honors: President three different years. Held offices
of membership vice president, treasurer, Concours chair, chief judge and
rallymaster. Newsletter editor several times including currently. JCNA
“Most Improved Newsletter” award twice. Two-time Most Outstanding
Board Member award, Most New Members Recruited several times.

Promotion of regional events and club interaction: First Cal-Clubs Meet
chair (1976) and co-chair for several more. Western States meet chair,
1978. Conducts concours judges training sessions for both Jaguar Owners
Club and other clubs in the Region.

JCNA offices held: President, vice president, competition chair, concours
chair, authenticity chair, protest committee chair and concours score
recorder. Southwest Regional rep/director 1977-1997, 2003, 2004.

Service to JCNA: Bill has attended every AGM since 1974 (30 consecutive
years). The breadth and length of his service to JCNA is unrivalled. JCNA
has honored him with both the Andrew Whyte Service Award and the Fred
Horner Sportsmanship Award.

Goals: I believe a JCNA regional director has an obligation to the clubs
in his/her region to maintain regular two-way communication. This means
sending bulletins to club presidents and making sure there is a newsletter
exchange between all clubs. Regional directors should visit all clubs
in the region and both encourage and participate in regional events. I
plan to encourage driving events, work to revive the Cal-Clubs Meet, set
up regional rally and slalom events and promote camaraderie through participation.

I am a firm believer in fairness in all JCNA competition. I will strive
to bring our Region closer together through communication and inter-club


Central Region : Brock R. McPherson

Brock and his wife Barbara have been active member of JCNA, the Great
Plains Jaguar Owners Association and HOAJC for 22 years. He is president
of McPherson & McVey law offices, Chtd., Great Bend, KS. He has been
chairman of the JCNA bylaw committee, corporate policy committee &
manual, nominating committee and Andrew Whyte award committee for the
past 12 years. In addition, he has been a member of the JCNA business
committee, serves as general counsel for JCNA, South Central regional
director from 1995-2001 and 2003-2005 and vice-president of JCNA from
1995 through 1996.

The McPhersons own and have competed with a 1952 XK 120 FHC which was
Challenge Cup winner in 1989 and 1992; a 1968 XKE 2+2, Challenge Cup winner
in 1993 and a 1997 XK8. Their daily drivers are a 1992 XJS V12 convertible
and a 1994 XJS 6-cyl convertible with 5-speed. This year, they are competing
in Class 6 with the ’68 2+2.

Brock and Barbara have attended every AGM since 1988, ten Biennials since
1983 and over 100 concours, in and out of region in the past 20 years.

As for being active and participating in JCNA, Brock says: “I enjoy
doing it and I intend to continue doing it!”


Central Region : Mike Ksiazek

My wife Suzie and I have traveled throughout the United States participating
in Jaguar events for more than 12 years. We own several Jaguars, the latest
of which is a fully restored XK 150S. We have entered many concours, biennials
and driving events and have been strong supporters of our local club.
On the national level, I was one of the founding members of the Business
Committee that set the foundation for our club’s independence from
Jaguar Cars.

It has been my privilege to serve two terms as North Central Regional
Director during which time I have attended all Board meetings and AGMs.
I look forward to being part of the team for the next two years, especially
in Atlanta for the next Challenge Championship.


Region : Pascal Gademer

Many of you already know me as JCNA webmaster, an assignment I took in
early 2002. Since then, I’ve worked to develop the JCNA Web site
into a useful tool for members, club officers and visitors, adding many
new functions and features aimed at simplifying how things were done.
The new Online Scoring System has greatly improved how JCNA and its affiliates
process competition scores, offering up-to-date standings throughout the
year. Club information has been expanded in individual club Web sites,
while at the same time simplifying data collection for the annual JCNA
directory. Most importantly, online membership applications and Paypal
payment processing has been a constant source of new members, for the
local clubs who choose to use the system.

In the process, I have worked with many JCNA directors, committee members
and clubs in our region, becoming familiar with the club operations.

I joined the South Florida Jaguar Club about five years ago. I will admit
having a slight preference for driving events, but also enjoy spending
a day on the concours field and meeting other Jaguar enthusiasts. I have
driven my Series 3 E-type to many events, regardless of distance, including
the last two Challenge Championships as well as the Jaguar Festival in
Colorado Springs. My daily driver is an XKR coupe, which has also been
on some long cross country trips to JCNA events like the Los Angeles AGM.

Over the past few years, some important changes have taken place within
JCNA, and if elected, I intend on helping and supporting the committees
who do a lot of the work to make JCNA a better organization. Working closely
with the clubs in the southeast region and staying in contact with them
will be a priority to work on the various issues which affects them and
their members.


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