2013 JCNA Rule Book

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2013-05-09 17:16:15

Note: This posting is being submitted to various forums so you may receive multiple copies.

JCNA Club presidents, delegates, chief judges and members, the 2013 JCNA Concours Rule Book (contents only, no binder cover page) is not currently available on the JCNA Shoppe so you may purchase it for $5 a copy plus shipping directly from Steve Kennedy, JCNA Rule Book Editor.

Due to all the changes being made to the rule book for 2013, this reduced cost is being made available at a quantity discount but this reduced price will only be good until August 15th. If you are planning on having a concours after that date, be sure to order your rule books before that time. After August 15th, the cost will return to its regular price.

If you have already received the 2013 rule book, please look at Chapter 6, page 4, items 4. There was a late correction for item 4, Over Restoration. The text or whose original sand-cast-like coarse finish having been omitted from the initial printing.

The complete sentence should read A component, whose original paint, plating or coating of zinc, nickel, cadmium, yellow chromate, etc., or whose original sand-cast-like coarse finish, has been removed through polishing, or other processes, shall be assigned a non-authentic deduction.

This text was in the 2012 edition and somehow was not included in the 2013 edition. You may either download the special Chapter 6 pages 3-4 page from the Concours section of the JCNA web site and print it double sided, then 3-hole punch it or email Steve Kennedy for copies.

To order, please contact:
Deanie Kennedy, JCNA Treasurer, 888-258-2524 #1 or email at dkennedyatjcna.com

Steve Kennedy
JCNA Rule Book Editor