2013 JCNA Rule Book

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2013-05-15 02:54:07

Note: This posting is being submitted to various forums so you may receive multiple copies.

JCNA Club presidents, delegates, chief judges and members, the 2013 JCNA Concours Rule Book, Contents and the Complete Rule Book are now available on the JCNA Shoppe.

The Complete Rule Book, including the Color Card Stock cover page for the front of new binders is available for $7.00.

The Contents Only, for updating current rule books, is $5.

Both may be purchased from the JCNA shoppe using PayPal or credit card.

You may also purchase either the Complete Rule Book with the color binder page or just the Rule Book Contents for updating current rule books, and have either of them sent Media Mail for $3.00 instead of the Priority Mail cost of $7.95. Media Mail takes about 10 days to receive. This cost savings is especially important if you are ordering 10 or more copies. Priority for 10 copies is around $30, Media is $7.

So you may order the Rule Book from the Shoppe or if you may call Deanie Kennedy, JCNA Treasurer, 888-258-2524 #1 if you want to pay by check or order rule books and have them sent Medial Mail. Deanie Kennedy, dkennedyatjcna.com

After August 15th, the price of the rule book returns to its regular cost.

Steve Kennedy