2013 Rule Book

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2013-07-22 03:37:17

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The 2013 JCNA Concours Rule Book, Contents Only and the Complete Rule Book are available on the JCNA Shoppe til August 15th at the discounted price.

Contents only $5,

Complete rule book in binder, $9.

The price of the rule book returns to its regular cost of $12 for the contents only after August 15th. The complete binder and contents will not be offered on the JCNA web site.

Both may be purchased from the JCNA shoppe using PayPal or credit card.

You may order the Rule Book from the Shoppe or if you may call Deanie Kennedy, JCNA Treasurer, 888-258-2524 #1 if you want to pay by check or order rule books and have them sent Medial Mail and save a bit on quantity orders and postage.

Deanie Kennedy,
888-258-2524 #1

Lots of new old stock items have been posted to the JCNA Shoppe Archives.

New JCNA visors and an excellent reproduction of the 1950ÔÇÖs Jaguar Winged key fob are available on the JCNA Shoppe Merchandise page.

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Steve Kennedy