2.4L MKII air cleaner mounts

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2008-06-01 19:56:30

I just got my heater tap installed, and discovered some bozo has fabricated improper air cleaner mounts.
My guess is some shop worked on it and lost them at some point in the past.
The bracket off the center head stud is wrong, and the one off the exhaust manifold is apparently heavily modified.
The cleaner sits about 1.5 to 2" too far to the left, keeping the arm of the heater tap from going to full "hot".

Anybody out there have the brackets for the air cleaner for a MKII 2.4L?

There is some big flexible rubber piece between the air cleaner top and the carb top, looks like they are supposed to slip into each other with some rubber ring.

One more question:
Is there supposed to be a "D" washer under the bracket on the affected head stud?



no "D" bracket I think, but at least in my S type, the front and rear Air CLeaner brackets extend from one head chrome bolt to the other. The nuts are Wing nuts.

The flexible rubber piece is a Seal that's no longer made. Two alternatives:

Go to a Truck Turbo Shop and get a silicon rubber piece that has the two different correct diameters molded.

Or, cut a piece from a tire tube that has the correct smaller diameter and it will stretch over the larger diameter connection.

The 2.4 is MUCH different.
The air cleaner is oil bath.
Here is a shot of mine:

This is a photo supplied by a fellow list member showing the inner bracket and some kind of connection between housings.

Edited on 2008-08-27 21:01:10

yes, I am aware of this rubber piece from the JEC, but they also tell you that it is not "stepped" like the original, so you will only know if it works when you install it.

Though my 3.8 S type intake is different than the 2.4 intake, I was able to find a "stepped" seal from a shop that sells Turbo parts for trucks. here's a picture: The large diameter "step" is about 1/16th too big so I added a residential air ducting aluminum clamp. Otherwise the small "step" fits tight. The seal is made of silicone.