3.8 S updating accessories

Started By: Nicholas Peter Hand on 2003-07-23 15:52:28

Does anyone have any information about adding an alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor, particularly in regards to pulleys, brackets, etc? I am also interestsed in recommendations for brands of the above accessories. thanks, Nick


I happen to have all of the development drawings for a 3.8s for adding AC by Hornburg. Ad far as PS is concerned that car does not need it. It looses feel at speed.

George Camp

Thanks for the info. I've purchased an after market a/c system for the Mark 2/S type and the power steering sector on this S type is from a 1967 420 with the pump driven off the back of the generator. So if I am going to add an alternator I need a separate power steering pump plus some guidance on what goes where i.e. alternator on top or a/c compressor on top. Anyway, thanks for your help, Nick

I am also interested in changing to an alternator in a 3.8S. I will have the original Lucas alternator from my XJ-6, can I use that one? (I am installing John's Cars GMALT 94 amp kit in my XJ). what needs to be done
in the wiring?

Also: what about Rack & Pinion ? Is there a Kit already developed for the 3.8S ?

On the subject of adding A/C to a 3.8S that doesn't have it, I can offer some information: I found a site which developed and sells a complete kit for the MK-2 and the 3.8S: http://www.mrjaguar.com The owner's name is Rock Browning. The price is $1,995.00 for the kit and they install it if you want. However, I did not like that for some reason the battery in his MK-2 was moved to the trunk/boot, I don't know if it has anything to do with the A/C Kit installation, but regardless, I don't want to put the battery in the trunk, so we will see later in May when I plan to install the kit.

you can write to: "Rock Browning" rockbatmrjaguar.com> for more details.