3.8S power brake troubleshoot online reference ?

Started By: Curtis Wood on 2009-05-11 15:13:57

Is there a good online reference for sedan power brake troubleshooting ?

Have great brakes, but partial or no power assist sometimes of late. I understand the booster on master like on my XKD, but this will be the first remote brake booster I have ever worked on, and to be honest, I don't really understand how it works.


Curtis Wood


Edited on 2009-05-12 6:17:41

the Factory Service Manual for the 3.4/3.8 'S' or 'S type' has the theory of operation and most complete information I have seen. (which does not mean I understand it either!).

Otherwise, Jag-Lovers' Saloons Forum has the most support for this model, including a section on known issues and resolutions for the S type.



Curtis it works sort of the same except instead of your foot triggering the boost through the pedal the fluid pressure does it--still your foot--I would first look for poor vac. lines to your booster and the vac. bottle since they live in a hostile environment let us know--oh yes check the one way vac. valve on the vac. res. Good luck.