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Started By: Patrick McLoad on 2008-09-26 08:12:08

I will be looking at a '67 420 tomorrow. This car has been sitting since the early 80's, and the present owner wants it towed away. The two photographs I have show some fairly heavy rust.

Another club member and myself will probably haul this to a storage facility to see if we might possibly start the car. Ultimately, we would like to save it from the crusher if at all possible. But people are not falling all over themselves to get this car...our Jag club was this guys last hope.

My question(s) to any of you who may know are: assuming the boot is not locked, where would I find the actuator to open the boot lid? If the boot IS locked, is there a way to get into it anyway? I know that E-Types have a way to open the boot without the pull cable, but I don't know about 420's. If the there is no other way than to drill out the lock, then that's what I will have to do. Any advice would be great. (through back seats?)

Secondly, I'll need to open the bonnet. Is there a latch in the cab or is it outside under the grille somewhere? (This is a RHD car).

Where would I find the ID plate?

Many thanks.

Patrick McLoad


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I don't know much about the front of the 420, but the rear half is identical to the S type.

There are 2 catches and 2 latches, one on each side of the lower lips of the trunk/boot lid.

there is no access through the rear seat back, it's a solid panel back there.

My suggestion? get with a locksmith and let him/her open the lock cleanly, don't try to force it open. They have emergency tools to do it.

While trying to turn the lock open, have someone pushing down on the trunk lid (gently) to make it easier to move the lock to the open position.

also, you can have all the locks re-keyed here:


To open the hood, there should be a pull-knob or handle on the right or left side under the dash, above the kick panel, just like in all Jaguar.

Patrick contact Mike Cook or the archives here in the US--tell them your problem with documents to show ownership--bet that solves that problem--then contact Peter Groh and you are done---if the car has sat that long the boot can wait a week! LOL Good luck.

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Thanks guys. As it turns out, a WonderBar popped the boot lid quite easily without damaging it at all. Keep in mind, this car had been sitting out in the weather since 1983, so it had some MAJOR rust issues. The bonnet opened very easy also. No time to wait for a locksmith! The bonnet pull handle and wire pulled free into my hand when I yanked on it.

I had tried to find someone in the club to take this car, but nobody wanted it, not that I blame them. So at the very least, we salvaged some parts here and there before it went to the crusher. Remarkably, the bonnet and boot lids are VERY nice, straight, and rust free. We saved them in case anyone is interested.

There was a tool kit in the rear, but the wooden kit itself fell apart. I got the tools and the jack. The spare was bald...in fact they all were. Only 2 seemed to hold any air.

When I opened the hood, I did not expect to see an XK engine with the ribbed cam covers...I was expecting the earlier smooth cam covers like on my Series 1 E-Type. This car was a '67. The coil date was 6/67. As I got further into this car, I discovered more weird stuff. The carbs were actually loose, and the fuel line banjos were barely attached. The distrib cap was loose, and no wires were on the plugs.

Looked to me like someone was either in the process of taking it apart or putting it back together, and simply lost interest. The long aluminum intake manifold...which I left...did not appear to have been messed with.

There was standing water in the floor pans, and the leather interior was just plain nasty...I really didn't want to sit in it. Doors seemed to be in good shape, but were just too heavy to mess with. We left the rear lenses, but snatched the front headlight rings...3 of the bulbs were Lucas.

If interested, here are some photos. Choose SLIDESHOW in the upper right when it loads:


Believe me, the photos make it look in much better shape than it actually was. Had this car been at least covered or in a garage, we would be looking at a very different car. Too bad really; the 420 is a gorgeous Jaguar. This car did not recieve the care it deserved.

This car is still avaible in case someone wants to come snatch it for free. We didn't pull the engine. Center gage panel is gone as well as RPM and speedo; carbs were pulled; about half-dozen Cheney clamps; coil; 2 fuel pumps; cam covers; and other stuff. Just what I need...more Jaguar junk!

Patrick McLoad

Too bad, another one bites the dust....

I need the tool kit's Screwdriver black plastic Handle. I also need the original Jack if any good. Yes I'll pay for the parts, so if you have them, let me know and I'll find a way to connect with you so you can send me pictures and prices. Thanks.