53 Mark VII orginal paint color

Started By: Fred Musolff on 2010-02-28 00:14:21

I recently purchased a 53 Mark VII that was repainted a gray color. The Heritage Report indicates it left the factory in April of 53 being "cream" in color. I would like to return it to original.
My question is there a color currently available that is a match or at least close to the original? If so, what company and what is the name, number or code?


Fred I would contact PPG (they have an excellent color library) The 'cream" you mention shows in technical bulletin # 114 dated Dec 1952 that "Old English White" is a Pinchin Johnson color coded J 863. That code seems to remain the same thru the MKVII run.

Contacted PPG and got a reply the next day. Thanks for the heads up!

Unless it is classified, what are the paint codes?

This is a copy of the e-mail I received from PPG, my local paint dealer (not a PPG dealer)believes that it probably means it is an old formula and since I found an area that was not repainted we did a color match, so i did not contact Heather.

Hi Fred,

I do have this color, unfortunately is it no longer formulated, but I do have a close match formula, I would have to fax it, and I would need to know what paint line that you will need it in.

Thank You

Heather Homan

Color Library/Refinish Sales Service

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If you find any additional information, I would like to know.
Hope this helps,