86 XJ-6 series III - wont start

Started By: Douglas Smith on 2014-03-08 04:33:52

Looking for any advice concerning a no start issue. The car, which runs regularly (2x /week) during the warmer months has had extra hybernation due to the severity of the winter (PA). At the last break in temperatures (lower-mid 40's) I tried to start it - turned over once very slowly and stopped - with clearly very little battery charge (and 20-50w oil which doesnt help). I didnt try any further and put it on a BMW trickle charger for a couple of days. Temps dropped so it was several weeks until I tried again, at which point the battery had a full charge. This time no turnover at all - nothing from the starter, everything else appeared to look and sound normal (including hearing the fuel pump whir from the back of the car). I'm assuming there may be safeguards in the starter circuit somewhere, but am at a loss. Any thoughts ?



Probably a weak/diry/loose connection. The checklist linked below migwill give some ideas on where to look