86 xj6 s3 fuel problem.

Started By: William R Gonyo on 2013-07-12 13:49:40

The jag was popping on warm start ups. I purchased techron and put into each tank and topped off the fuel. It seemed to clean up the valve gunk, but after a couple tanks of gas it popped once and died. The jag will crank and turn over and run but for only 5-10 seconds. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Bill


The "could be" list is long.

If you're suspecting a fuel problem I'd begin by removing the fuel filter and emptying the contents into a clean, clear container. What you see will dictate your next steps.

Fuel/tank rust/contamination is common on these cars....and doubly so if the car has been sitting unused for a long time. Has yours recently been taken out of storage? Well, either way, pull the filter and report back