Started By: David J Hayden on 2014-09-14 13:26:46

Problem- my air conditioning works just fine on all fan speeds and temperature settings hot and cold, no problems there. Most automobiles leave a large puddle under the car after air/con has been operating, mine leaves it in the drivers foot well. The drivers side drain hoses have been cleared together with the passengers. Drained and mop/sponged water out of foot well dried all mats, left portable fan running for about 6 hours, all dried replaced the dried mats.
Completed a 160 mile round trip with air/con running on low, mats wet again and water in the foot well again. I cannot see where the wet stuff is coming from, any and all help would be appreciated, what am I missing.


Well............ it's complicated.

Your climate control case was made with a small plate inside at the two condensate drain points. That plate covered a small square of foam that was supposed to keep out dust and dirt in the sandy, desert countries. Unfortunately in practice, it collects dirt and plugs up the drain so the condensate can't get out.
If you take off the blue boot that goes to the blower motor, you can feel inside the case for that plate. By sticking a small probe or screwdriver blade up the drain nipple, you can usually get that plate loose so you can extract the trash plugging the drain. It's a chore, and it will need to be done to both sides.
At one point Jaguar made a burr tool along with a guide that allowed us to bore a hole in that plate so it would drain better. The tool works, but is problematic in that without great care, the evaporator can be punctured. [saw that done by others several times over the years] Then you have bigger problems.

Good luck!

Steven, who loves yer babe, thank you so much, we will try your remedy and let you know how it turned out