97 XJ6L alignment question

Started By: Dee Jensen on 2014-09-16 04:23:43

Hi all.. getting ready to put new tires on and last "alignment" was at a local tire shop 4 years ago.. they printed out the diagram showing before and after adjustments. Nothing significant there. New tire place wants to do a 4 wheel alignment but I'm reading that it really is just for the front wheels? Also, not always needed each time you buy tires..there is no pulling left/right or squirreling or vibrating. any opinions on this? Does anyone know where I can get the Jaguar factory specifications on alignment? I looked in my owner's manual and didn't see any of this.. I thank you! Dee


As you found out, you will find several opinions about this; some informed, some uninformed.

The days of "only applies to the front wheels" went out the window with the solid rear axle/differential for most cars.

Most people are running around is cars that they only THINK drive like a dream. Maybe they do, but one that is properly aligned, at all four corners, will surprise even them. The key word there is 'properly'. It's easy to align a car and say, that's close enough. But someone that will take the time to make all the necessary adjustments to make it right, will produce a car that is really fun to drive.

Another benefit of the alignment is that if there is some spec they cannot get in the proper range, will indicate that there could be damage somewhere that isn't readily apparent.

My two cents.......

Steve, I really appreciate your input..