A/c fan in line fuse

Started By: Robert Duddy on 2014-03-31 14:36:18

Hello, new Jaguar owner here. I have a 1985, XJ-6, noticed the fan does not turn on with the climate control on. Heard there was an inline fuse, but have searched my books and not found the location of it. Just starting to sort the car out, and summer is coming! Thank you for any help you can provide. Bob


Edited on 2014-03-31 21:02:40
It's clipped to the RH side of the evaporator case....you'll see it....look for brown/yellow wires.

You'll have to remove the console 'cheek panel' on the right side. This is the panel with the little air outlet that aims air into the footwell. Remove the two screws and wriggle the panel forward and away.


Thank you, I will look at it tonight!

I found the fuse, but it was fine. Fan still not working, it is my understanding it is supposed to start when I put the climate control on. My a/c is not cool, so maybe there are other issues besides the fan. I will connect the fan to the battery directly to check it out, and then began searching for other issues regarding the a/c. Thank you for your help in finding the fuse location. Bob

I should've have asked earlier but did you check the other three climate control fuses?

There is another inline fuse on the amplifier ground wire. This is behind the left cheek panel. There are two in the regular fuse panels, one in the left panel and the other in the right.

(As I recall at least one of them is a 50 amp....which is 30 amp in Ameri-speak, as we use a different rating system.)

Bear in mind that corroded fuse clips are common and will prevent a good fuse from working.


When you turn the temp control knob do you hear a faint humming sound? You should. Post back if you don't.


Thank you for the help, I will have time to look at that Thursday night.

Hi, I did find the other two fuses and they seem fine. When I start the car, and the system is on automatic, the servo seems to be working. The heater, when I move the temperature, once it is warmed up, seems to move all the doors and vents, and adjust the temperature. When I turn it down to 65, the middle vent opens, and air comes out, but I think it is just ambient temperature air, not cooled. It is hard to tell right now, I live in St. Louis, and it is not warmed up yet, but it is defineatly not cooled below ambient. Which brings me back to the electric fan not turning on. I can also unplug the fan and test it with the battery to make sure it is a good fan. If the fan was running, then I would just suspect that the a/c needs a recharge, which it may also need anyway. Thank you for your help. Bob