anybody got $50 grand?

Started By: J.A.M. on 2009-03-05 02:29:21


fifty gees for an AUTOMATIC?
With only one wing mirror?
And no FogRangers?
And no front license holder?
And no battery box?
And no Lucas (silver) coil?
And some aftermarket upper radiator hose?
Funny, the tint looks a tad darker than Sundym......must be the lighting.
You see the stack of weights on the LR wheel?

They must be throwing in the bent grille bar for free.

sure looks pretty from a distance...

actually Dave, I liked the copper color of yours better.

Dave , why such criticism. this looks like a very nice car from the photos.

Not necesarily criticism.
Rather, for fifty grand there are some..........inconsistencies?

I have tried, and I mean tried, to find a photo of a MK1 or MK2 with ONE wing mirror.

So far, I am coming up snake eyes.
My guess is, nobody ever photographed one with only one mirror.

The thing that caught my eye was this in the description:

Hence the comments.
If this is a ground-up restoration, upper hose, coil, battery box, front license holder, and the rest.

Now, I have another question:

I know what the windscreen washer bottle looks like, and the versions thereof.
I see the nozzles on the scuttle.

Maybe on a car with an automatic, they hid the windscreen washer bottle in a location not easily identifiable?

What did they do with the radiator overflow hose?

Aren't the plug wires on a 3.8 supposed to go OVER the crankcase vent tube then under the upper radiator hose?

Now, this is just a question, but what years of production had the narrow band witewalls?

Bill, it's a pretty car, and to be black, the body needs to be dead straight, which it appears to be.
Gaps and fit, from what I can see, are good.

Having done a whole lotta cars over the last (too many) decades, I see the "very expensive ground up restoration", see the obvious things, and wonder what we can't see in the photos?

Just commenting is all.

Don't know if I would be up to keping a black car clean again.

Coil saddle is cad (or silver), close enough.
Triangular mount should be black, not silver, for the coil.
I see the PS reservoir, aft of the fusebox, and the data plate below the solenoid (correct).
Funny, no mention of power steering in the description.

I can't quite see the radiator drain extension lever....
Core plugs should be engine black, right?

I've seen a lot of 3.4L and 3.8L, never seen that dark a blue on the head.
Maybe the ones I see have service life on them and have faded?

Inner rear door handles.
Didn't I read somewhere (Thorley?) rears point up, fronts point down?

Nice red paint on the "Disc Brake" triangle on the rear bumper, too.

My point is, while it is nice, it doesn't quite appear that a knowledgeable Jaguar person did (or supervised) the "expensive restoration".
And those are just limited observations from someone who doesn't know anything at all!

I am always skeptical about "extensive and expensive restorations". That tells me that the car must have been a rusted carcass, so all originality and patina is lost in the process. Then, the icing on the cake, it is put up for sale.

Must be someone who has a lot of $K's to throw away and is now hoping to recover his/her "investment". Obviously not a Jaguar enthusiast but a flipper.

And of course the old premise holds true: "Invest" $60k in an expensive restoration and end up with a $20K car.

obviously ran out of money!

I just realized something else.
I am so used to shoulder harness hanging down on my MK2, I missed it at first.
The windlace (fuzzy strip) along the "B" pillar on LH front door is not even close to being attached.

Jan 1962, seat belt anchorages installed.
I thought that was shoulder harness anchors, too, but none show in photos.

Got the proper early steering wheel/horn ring, early picnic table twin detents....

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where are you seeing all these details?

My '65 S type has provisions ( welded nuts in the B pillars covered by a chromed finisher), for the shoulder Pivot from a 3-way seat belt, but it only came with lap belts, made by BMC, attached to the floor with "Sister Hook" brackets. (same brackets as in airplanes).

It also has provision for 3 way belts for the rear seat, but it came without any belts in the rear. Zero.

these belts were an Option in street cars, but obligatory in racing cars. Jaguar was early in offering PROVISIONS for seat belts, they just did not provide them as standard equipment.

The same seller who is offering this Black MK-2 in Orlando and who does not reveal their business name other than the Car Museum plate in the MK-2, is now offering a yellow 1974 V12 XK-E, totally original they say, and the price is.....

I'm looking at the pictures!
There are points for the belts, do not know if they are hidden under carets (mine has lap/shoulder fronts only).
When did the shoulder points come in?
We don't have a VIN to confirm vehicle.
There is a point where the Feds mandated belts.
1967, I think.

You don't see all the stuff I mentioned?

truth is I didn't look at each picture, only the large one!!

the shoulder mounting points in my 1965 (but 1964-built) S type are from the factory, so if your 1964 (which must have been built in 1963) has them too, then we could assume that 1962-built cars (1963 model-year) had them too.

I can see the factory provision for the Rear shoulder belts in my S type, (welded-plate-reinforced nuts similar to the ones in my 1984 XJ-6), when I look under the rear parcel shelf, from the trunk.

I bet I could install Series 3 XJ-6 rear inertia-type belts in the S type but not in the front though, there is no room for the inertia reel.

I had a manufacturer's rep once sream at me on the phone about this.
"Why do you find these things when nobody else does?"
Because I look!

I no longer work with them.
All they apparently wanted was for everyone to go to the kool-aid trough.