Archives section has some rare documents! Very limited!

Started By: George Camp on 2011-02-08 09:10:24

We have put up 5 rare IPLs (Interim Parts Listings) in the archives section. These IPLs were used by Jaguar to provide the dealers a source for parts that changed from a previous model. In some cases a parts manual was never printed--and that is the case with all 5 we have offered. The 1968 E-Type IPL was only used for one year and then the series two car became standard. We have both IPLs for the 1968 and the Series 2 along with the 240/340, the 420"G" and the very early Series one XJ6s fitted with air conditioning--that IPL lists the handfull of 1969 XJ6s that actually got factory air--and they used a Your compressor system. Take a look and it you have one of these it would make a great addition to your car--or if you collect literature I bet this will fill some holes in your collection. Please note these are used and priced as such--they are complete and original! Thanks