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Started By: John on 2008-07-28 11:03:37

I am new to Jaguars and this forum, and have a few beginning questions.

First off, my fiance has come into a '57 sedan through her family (mainly because I said I would be willing to restore it for her). It's a manual with overdrive - but beyond that I know very little about it since I only saw it for ~5 minutes one time (I do know it will require a lot of TLC).

I'm looking forward to picking it up Labor Day weekend. This car has an additional frame with it, which COULD make the restoration easier. BUT, were Jaguars serial or VIN numbers tied to the frame by a number? If so, I would definitely not want to split anything up, but like I said, having a second frame could make restoration a lot easier in some aspects if I would not be ruining number connections and potential value in the future.

Second of all, and much more general, is there a specific supplier of parts for cars like these? As I begin it would be nice to know who some other people have had good luck with for parts, advice, etc.

Thanks in advance! This will be an ongoing project over the next few years, but I look forward to future interactions with people here...


Yowza John,
Bruce made a reference to the small sedan, sometimes called the MK I, Jaguar also made a large sedan series at that time known as the MK VII, MK VIII The good news is........if you have a car with an honest to goodness frame, it's a MK VII. The bad news is they usually cost more to restore than they are worth, but don't let that stop you. I never did.
There should be a data plate in the engine compartment. The MK VII will be on the passenger side firewall, usually in brass. I believe all the Big Ones loated them in the same place. The MK I and MK II's not sure. My MK II has it in the engine compartment on the inner wing side.
MK I/II's are a little harder to restore because of their unibody construction but their value is usually greater in the end.
The MK VII/VIII/MK IX series had pretty robust metal in the frames unless it spent a lot of intimate time next to Mother Earth. Usually the body is in far worse shape as the lack of rust proofing from that era is noticeable. When I decided I wanted a Big Cat, it was amazing the number of examples I observed withthe botton 8-10 inches missing along with their floor panels, even then the frame was sound. More likely due to water ingressing via the sunroof and bad drainage from the Jaguar's gutter system
Join Jag-Lovers if you haven't already, there is no charge. There a numerous links and an incredible amount of useful information for restoration available in both the Saloon's Forum and the Archive which can be accessed.
E-mail me if you need some questions answered, I may be able to help or at least push you in the general direction.
Good Health to You and Yours, Bob Lovell
Mechanical parts are abundant and easy to come by though do shop around as prices vary for the exact same item.