Posted By webmaster on 07 Jul 2020

Over the past week or so we have been reviewing the status of the 2020 JCNA wide events.

 Annual General Meeting

Today, after a long discussion with the hosts and a review of the attendees, I have decided that the in-person AGM in Columbia  is not feasible and so is suspended.  

 We will instead, hold a focused "AGM" by video conference call starting at 8am (PDT), Saturday, August 22nd. 

 The video call will focus primarily on the most important JCNA matters and the committee status reports will be distributed by the JCNA Web site. Critical motions that require a member vote will be voted on by Roll-Call vote and ratified at the next in-person AGM.

The reasons for making this decision not to meet in person are:

 1. We could probably have organized a quorum for the AGM using delegate proxies but overall participation would have been minimal and the quality of the business meeting would have been greatly diminished.

2. With the extraordinary precautions that are being taken by the venues, the meeting would have been as safe as most other public spaces, but the travel to and from the event is likely not as safe and the last thing that JCNA would want to do is put our members at increased risk of infection.

3. We cannot depend on the situation not worsening and administration not reversing the rules on travel, meeting sizes, and business openings in the next 45 days.

I find the decision very regretful given the great amount of planning and preparation work expended by Rob Thuss with the JSSC members and George Camp with the Coventry Foundation.  I was greatly looking forward to seeing each of you, Columbia, and the JCNA Archives and the Coventry Foundation. 

International Jaguar Festival

The IJF Board has met this week and yesterday voted to postpone the 2020 IJF until 2021. 

Once again there has been a great deal of planning and work from the SouthWest Florida Clubs towards making the 2020 IJF a showcase event.  The reasons for postponement are similar to the AGM decision and a concern that a reduced turn out for the events would detracted from the quality of event that is expected of JCNA.

I am very proud of  and grateful for the great efforts and contributions from JSSC, the Coventry Foundation and the South Florida Clubs.. Thank to each of you.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know at President@JCNA.COM

Thank you for your support and stay safe.


Les Hamilton

JCNA President 2019-2021