BW 35 Transmission in a 1960 Mark II

Started By: William Brady on 2010-01-03 17:29:06

Does any one have a picture of the small oil tube which fits inside the inner primary shaft? This then fits in to the inner torque convertor housing. What i need are the dimensions so I can make one, or perhaps someone has a spare. Thank you


Thank you for the response Alan, I have resolved it. The transmission we are rebuilding did not have one fitted! Luckily in my old parts storage I had a complete unit in which was the tube. The reality is, I don't see exactly what it does, it does not move, being trapped between the shaft and the Convertor housing, it could be a restrictor but aging it is quite large. Clearly fluid passes through it, the small end having a helix curve to ensure it always has an open passage, Yet again, it could be just a bushing OR a combination of these things. Perhaps someone out there can give a better reason. for it. Regards

William that tube directs fluid to the converter to go in to direct drive. With out it the car will shift 1-2 and then try to do into drive but will not hold. Glad you found it! Your desxription is accurate but I have always thought it looked like something more personal! LOL Good luck.

Hello George, yes I understand what it is supposed to do but where else can the the oil go even without it? it seems like the only path would be into the direct drive unit, would it be to create a higher pressure build up? Did you ever hear it referred to a as a "stinger"? As for your description, I hope it is not yours!

William it would go the same place but without the boost in pressure due to restriction and the direction--that is why if left out the car will shift in and out of direct drive if all else is proper. Never heard of stinger but sounds right--As far as the other I was speaking of the general shape LOL

So was I George!