changing gear ratio in diff.

Started By: Thomas Pruett on 2002-12-07 12:34:40

I own a 1950 Mark V dhc and would like to install a better gear ratio such as a 3.54 : 1 from an XK 120. Anyone with experience in such a conversion who is willing to share info., please contact me. Thanks, Tom


Tom you do not say if you have a 3.5 or 2.5 car. 3.5s used ENV or Salisbury which would be an easy switch if ENV not so easy for the later. 2.5 used Salisbury- a 2HA-001/11 I think. If you aer after RPM reduction on the road I would suggest you seek out a Salisbury and rebuild it and save your ENV. Parts for ENV are v/ rare and $$$. Salisbury were used till the end of the 340 (in live axle form) and are not rare (or 50 years old.
Good luck and let me know the details.

PS are you currently around 4:30 to 1?

George Camp