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July 08, 2019

Posted By: Richard Hartwell

jaguar Malt Liquor Bar Sign

Pictured is a Jaguar Malt Liquor Bar sign from the late seventies. It is in excellent shape and fully functional. Would make an excellent addition
to any Jag guy's Man Cave! Priced conservatively at $85 plus shipping from South Florida.

July 05, 2019

Posted By: Richard Hartwell

Original Jaguar XKE Toe Board

Pictured is an original SI-SII XKE toe board in biscuit. This unit was supplied with the SI-SII XKEs to be placed on the passenger side to
isolate space forward of the seat. I have one available in biscuit and one in black. Priced at $85 each. Drop a line with questions-Thanks

June 23, 2019

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V12 piston ring set

Deves piston ring set for V12 engines. Unfortunately, contrary to Xks unlimited, these DO NOT fit all V12s they would fit all 5.3 and 6.0s that DO NOT use AE pistons. My loss is your gain. Still in box...
$180 or best offer shipping not included
Call Keith

June 23, 2019

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XJ6 Series III Parts

We had several XJ6 Series III VDP's from 1984 to 1987. When each car was no longer running or needed we stripped off various parts to keep the remaining cars running. Unfortunately, we sold the last XJ6 and now have a storage unit full of extra parts. The parts range from transmissions to engines to lights and dashboards. Please contact Kyle Stephenson at 602-696-1475 if you are interested in any parts.

June 09, 2019

Posted By: Andrew Mastin

Jaguar XK150 Tail Light Lense Assembly kit

Selling Jaguar XK150 Tail Light Lense Assembly. Brand new, OEM. Bulb not included. Asking $50 USD. Please inquire with any questions or concerns.

June 07, 2019

Posted By: Andrew Mastin

Jaguar XK150 Window Regulator

Selling Jaguar XK150 Window Regulator. OEM, ORIGINAL Product. Good Condition. Completely usable and intact. Asking $300 USD. Please inquire with any questions or concerns.

June 06, 2019

Posted By: Andrew Mastin

Jaguar E-Type Air Intake Trumpet/Manifold

Triple Carb, Fits both series 1 & 2 models. New Product. Asking $120 USD

June 06, 2019

Posted By: Andrew Mastin

Jaguar XK150 Grille

Selling Jaguar XK150 Grille. Minimal Damage. OEM AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL. Asking $400 USD.

May 28, 2019

Posted By: Rusty Alan Melancon

Jaguar MK2

Selling an assortment of parts, the majority of these parts were brought back from Singapore in the early 80's. Some of the items are new. I would prefer not to sell these items individually. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Please email me or call 985-856-8520 for inquiries and additional pictures. Several items are not in the picture, gas tank, grill 2 back windscreens and lots of chrome.

May 23, 2019

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Jaguar Mk1 parts trove and bodies lot for sale, must go!

Looking to sell my Jaguar Mk1 parts trove and bodies. Both cars have clean CA titles in my name. Both are manual 4 speed with overdrive cars.

Engine is rebuilt and numbers matching head and block and both it and one of the 4 speed transmissions I have are matching to one of the data plates.

I have over $15k invested and am looking for someone to buy ALL of it. Open to offers. I know I will be taking a loss, but reality has set in. I have a job overseas coming up for about the next 15 years and will not get to this project.

I have an itemized inventory list of everything with details of condition, most are in numbered boxes. I also have more photos of the bodies (they are a 58 and a 57)and of all the parts, for some reason I can only post one photo here. If you PM me with an email, I will send you all the photos I have, along with the inventory list in XLS or PDF format.

I had disassembled the 58's front suspension and was sandblasting it when I lost access to the sandblaster. Pity, as I was using it for free. I had also prepared the 58 engine bay and had it down to bare metal, which has since rusted. I can wire brush a portion of it to show you. I stopped because I started pulling apart the interior on the 58 and discovered rust in the front floorboards, so...I picked up the 57 after the 58 and was going to use that one as the builder, as it had nice paint. I planned to swap over the trans tunnel, disc brakes (which is why I bought the Mk2 hubs, as I read that those are the key to having steel wheels and disc brakes. Then I was told by a friend that the 58 would be the better one to build and to cut the pieces I need from the 57, since I had just had the engine rebuilt for the 58 and would match the body number. That was almost 2 years ago and that is when the project stalled.