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March 06, 2020

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1990 jaguar xjs handbrake assembly

Looking for a new or used 1990 jaguar xjs handbrake assembly. The switch needs to be working and the assembly must be complete.


March 03, 2020

Posted By: Steven Thornton

1956 2.4 Litre Saloon early model air cleaner parts

I am seeking the steel brackets that hold the horizontal, cylinder-shaped air cleaner assembly, and the intermediate rubber connections, specifically items 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14 as shown in the 2.4 Saloon parts manual on page 49, plate H (hopefully seen in the attachment)...OR...any specifications/drawings/dimensions/photos (perhaps from YOUR early 2.4 Saloon?) adequate for fabricating these metal parts.

By the part numbers: C.11547 (x2) rubber; C.11573 cradle; C.11574 support; C.11582 support; C.11578 bracket; C.11935 rubber sleeve; c.12191 rubber connection.

February 17, 2020

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Mark 2 or Mark 1 right rear splined hub wanted

I'm converting my Mark 2 to wire wheels and I have 3 of the 4 splined hubs but I need the right rear. This is Jaguar part number C13094. The part is common to Mark 1. To be sure that you have the correct part: The total height is 6.5 ". The shaft that fits on the axle has an outside diameter of 1.85". The inside diameter ( at its widest point ) is about 1.3".
I also acquired a big box of about a dozen Jaguar wire wheel splines but I don't know what cars they fit. I think they are probably XK120 -140-150. If anyone needs splines, call me and give me the dimensions of what you need. They are all in good condition and I'll sell them for $50 each plus $10 to ship. If one of you guys can tell me what I have, please give me a call and that will allow me to list them for sale. My cell is 585-703-9944. Thanks Bruce Hickey

November 25, 2019

Posted By: Kirk Bailey

Spare Tire 19 inch wanted for 2009 Jaguar XKR coupe

My 2009 Jaguar came with the rare and huge Alcon super brakes. No spare when I bought the XKR. Bought a spare from a Jaguar Dealer in England. They didn't understand that I have the huge Alcon brakes so they sent me the 18 inch spare which does NOT fit the big brakes. Shipping from the UK was expensive. Thus I would like to sell the 18 inch spare, still in the original factory wrapping and find someone who has a 19 inch spare tire and rim for sale. I'd be happy just to get the proper Jaguar rim but would be willing to take rim and tire. I am in southern Ontario, about 25 minutes from Buffalo or Niagara Falls NY. Looking for about $200 US dollars but I am open to a reasonable offer. Between buying the tire and paying freight, duty and taxes I am about $350 out of pocket.

Also my L-gate shifter is missing much of the chrome trim. ANyone have an L-gate shifter plate for sale?