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February 17, 2020

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Mark 2 or Mark 1 right rear splined hub wanted

I'm converting my Mark 2 to wire wheels and I have 3 of the 4 splined hubs but I need the right rear. This is Jaguar part number C13094. The part is common to Mark 1. To be sure that you have the correct part: The total height is 6.5 ". The shaft that fits on the axle has an outside diameter of 1.85". The inside diameter ( at its widest point ) is about 1.3".
I also acquired a big box of about a dozen Jaguar wire wheel splines but I don't know what cars they fit. I think they are probably XK120 -140-150. If anyone needs splines, call me and give me the dimensions of what you need. They are all in good condition and I'll sell them for $50 each plus $10 to ship. If one of you guys can tell me what I have, please give me a call and that will allow me to list them for sale. My cell is 585-703-9944. Thanks Bruce Hickey

November 25, 2019

Posted By: Kirk Bailey

Spare Tire 19 inch wanted for 2009 Jaguar XKR coupe

My 2009 Jaguar came with the rare and huge Alcon super brakes. No spare when I bought the XKR. Bought a spare from a Jaguar Dealer in England. They didn't understand that I have the huge Alcon brakes so they sent me the 18 inch spare which does NOT fit the big brakes. Shipping from the UK was expensive. Thus I would like to sell the 18 inch spare, still in the original factory wrapping and find someone who has a 19 inch spare tire and rim for sale. I'd be happy just to get the proper Jaguar rim but would be willing to take rim and tire. I am in southern Ontario, about 25 minutes from Buffalo or Niagara Falls NY. Looking for about $200 US dollars but I am open to a reasonable offer. Between buying the tire and paying freight, duty and taxes I am about $350 out of pocket.

Also my L-gate shifter is missing much of the chrome trim. ANyone have an L-gate shifter plate for sale?

August 20, 2019

Posted By: Richard Heiney

Impossible to find

1998 XK8 - I am looking for the green backing blocks that space out and hold the door panel clips in place.
I have attached a picture. 303 355 7056