FOR SALE: Jaguar Early Saloon & XKE/E-Type (S1, S1.5, S2) Parts Lot


I am selling all of my Jaguar Early Saloon & XKE/E-Type (S1, S1.5, S2) parts. I urgently need the garage storage space.

I am not selling small item parts individually, but happy to parse out the large item parts as follows: 

Jaguar E-Type Borg-Warner Transmission, ALBERT DBGM Rallye Bullet Mirrors, Steering Column, "Picture Frame," and (3) Frame Rails, Jaguar S1-S2 2+2 Sundym Rear Windows, Jaguar E-Type/XKE S1-S2 OEM OTS/Roadster Window, New Vintage Jaguar XKE E-Type FHC Marmitte SuperSprint Exhaust Part, 3 x Bonnet Hinges

Notes: There are too many parts to list. Please check the high-resolution photos files for storage bin lids for verification (links in comments).  

Please DO NOT reach out if you’re looking for individual items. Happy to split up the lot, if several or a significant number of items are desired. 

PRICE: Open to offers. 

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (Will facilitate shipping at cost for buyer)


Link to Parts List

Link to High-Resolution Photos

Abridged Parts List:

Borg-Warner auto trans w/attached speedometer drive (S1-S2 2+2), original wire wheels (four-wheel set), complete S1-S2 instrument clusters (gauges separate)  & dash panels with wiring, Trico wiper blade(s) with windshield wiper mechanisms, rear quarter Sundym window set (FHC), very good/excellent condition factory S1-S2 OTS/roadster tonneau cover, S1-S2 complete dash panels, "picture frame" assembled, S1 and S2 electric cooling fans, and more. 


  • Borg-Warner auto trans (S1-S2 2+2)
  • 7 exterior door handles (two are new old stock [NOS]), 
  • three different pairs of chrome interior door handles, 
  • 3 NOS distributor caps, 
  • beautiful NOS and used chrome script (E-type, Jaguar, 3.8 and 4.2)
  • he rear-facing "grill" in the center-back of the bonnet, 
  • two NOS Smith gauges (marked with 25-yr old prices of $105 and $115), 
  • interior window handles, 
  • Triplex headlight glass and chrome surround, 
  • "picture frame"
  • front frame rails, 
  • a nearly complete original tool kit,
  • gauges, 
  • horns, 
  • 3 fuel pumps, 
  • dashes, 
  • brake and clutch assemblies with foot pedals, 
  • windshield wiper mechanisms, 
  • headlamp rims, 
  • tail lamps, 
  • front sway bar, 
  • two period after-market chrome whale mouth over-ride protectors, 
  • 3 types of gas caps, 
  • very good/excellent condition original S1-S2 OTS/roadster cover
  • M lights, 
  • rear quarter Sundym windows
  • door glass, 
  • wiring,
  • lenses, 
  • original speakers, 
  • automatic transmission, 
  • instruments (lots of smaller gauges) 
  • 3 tachometers and 
  • 3 speedometers
  • S-1 and S-2 electric cooling fans, 
  • radiator fill/surge tank, 
  • 10 knock-offs (both "safety type" with wrench and eared ones), 
  • two boxes (with 25 NOS bearings in each) used mostly for British cars, etc., etc.