Searching for a late model Ammonite Grey XJL film car for a TV show


Hi! My name is Laura Lee from the JCNA affiliate, Jaguar Touring Club in NJ. Jamie Kitman, renowned automobile writer and owner of Octane Film Cars is looking for a close match ( two cars actually!) to my car, an Ammonite Grey 2016 XJL with black interior for an upcoming Peacock TV series slated to film near Alberquerque in early March. The exterior should be grey, and the interior preferably black, though he says they can use a different interior, if necessary,

Do any of you near the Alberquerque, NM area possess such a car? Would you be willing to rent your car out for a filming?  Of course, there would be compensation for the use of the cars, and the company is fully insured. If so, please reach out to me at and i will put you in contact with the company.