XK8 1997 ECM and Throttle Body - Good Used- From Perfectly Running/Driving Engine

Have a few left over engine management parts from a 1997 XK8 coupe. This was a perfectly running/driving car that passed California emissions testing easily in mid September of this year. Can provide test report (dated 9-10-18) for actual results- the car passed easily, and with these very same engine management components. Engine had no fault codes, no issues- the car ran and drove perfectly, even with 155k miles on it.

Unfortunately, the engine developed a major rear main seal oil leak (it was pouring out of there...) and the owner could not afford to fix. The engine was scrapped and these perfectly good used engine management pieces were saved and are available. They were removed from the car in early October. Here is what's available

ECM- -part number LJA1410CA (97 XK8 only) $250

TCM (trans control module) - free with ECM at asking price

Ignition amplifier modules- free with ECM at asking price (Email for pic)

Throttle Body- good used- complete, as removed- $200 (Email for pic)

For more info/questions please send email or call 408 839 5569

Located in the San Francisco area

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